Shoes Photography: How to Make Them Stand Out

Shoes photography
A pair of shoes product photograph

To show off the elegance and style of shoes, photography is crucial.

So, I tried various tips and techniques to capture outstanding pictures of shoes for my e-commerce store.

In this article, I’d love to share everything you need to know about shoe photography from my experience and professional knowledge.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the techniques and inspiration to elevate your shoe photography and make them stand out.

Are you ready to elevate your shoes photography skills? Let’s get started!

Lighting and Composition for Shoes Photography

As with any type of product photography, lighting, and composition are key elements in creating visually striking shoe images.

Lighting Options for Shoes Photography

To achieve the perfect shot, it’s important to understand the different lighting setups available, such as natural light or studio strobes.

If you’re interested in the lighting options available for product photography, check out the article on product photography lighting for more in-depth information.

Find the Best Composition

When it comes to composition, plays a vital role in how the shoe is presented and how the viewer will perceive it.

Woman wearing brown leather chunky heeled shoes
A shoe photograph that used the rule of thirds

From playing with angles to understanding the rule of thirds, mastering the art of composition can truly make your shoe photographs stand out.

Photographing Different Types of Shoes

In shoes photography, it’s essential to understand the unique challenges and considerations of photographing different types of shoes.

High heels, sneakers, and boots all require different approaches in order to showcase their features and highlights.

Let me point out the most essential factors to follow.

1.      High heels:

Close-up shot of heels
The Closeup photo of heels
  • Focus on the heel and intricate details of the shoe
  • Recommend to use a macro lens or zoom in close to the shoe
  • A combination of natural and artificial light, such as a softbox is best
  • Consider the angle from which the shoe is being photographed

2.      Sneakers:

White sneakers in close-up photography
A photograph of a white sneaker
  • Focus on the sole and overall design of the shoe
  • A wide-angle lens is best for capturing the entire shoe in the frame
  • Consider the background of the image
  • Use a combination of natural and artificial light

3.      Boots:

  • Focus on the design and texture of the shoe
  • Use a medium telephoto lens to capture the details of the shoe
  • Consider the background of the image
  • Use a combination of natural and artificial light

4.      Slippers:

Flip Flops and a starfish on the sand
Flip flops on the sand
  • Focus on the overall design and comfort of the slipper
  • Use a wide-angle lens to capture the entire slipper in the frame
  • Consider the background of the image, a clean and simple background can help to keep the focus on the slipper
  • Use a combination of natural and artificial light to bring out the details and make the slipper pop
  • Pay attention to the angle from which the slipper is being photographed, as a slight change in angle can make a big difference in how the slipper is perceived

By understanding these differences and using specific techniques and tips, I was able to create truly stunning images for each type of shoe.

Besides, I prefer DSLR cameras when it comes to shoes photography.

I also invited you to refer to which DSLR is best for product photography article to find the most suitable one for your shoe photography and to capture the best photo of your product.

Must-Known Tips for Editing and Retouching Shoes Photography

I always believe that post-processing is just as important as the initial shot.

With the proper editing techniques, shoe images can be taken to the next level.

I recommend the following tips for editing and retouching your shoe photos to get outstanding images for the online store:

  • Use Lightroom or Photoshop to adjust color tones, contrast, and brightness to bring out the best in your images
  • Utilize selective color correction to make specific elements of the shoe pop
  • Remove distracting backgrounds to keep the focus on the shoes
  • Use selective editing to enhance specific areas of the shoe photograph such as the textures and details
  • Utilize tools such as clone stamp, healing brush, and dodge and burn to retouch any imperfections in the shoe
  • Use the liquify tool to adjust the shape of the shoe if necessary
  • Learn how to add more depth and dimension to your shoe photograph
  • Save time by creating presets for everyday editing tasks like brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments

I believe you have already read the article on Lightroom presets for product photography, it provides a comprehensive guide on the use of Lightroom presets.

Best Practices of Shoes Photography for E-commerce

the woman is taking shoe product photos
A woman taking shoe product photos for her e-commerce business

If you’re running an e-commerce business, you know that great shoe photography is crucial for making those sales.

It’s not just about capturing a pretty picture, it’s about showcasing the product in a way that entices customers to buy.

Here are the best practices for e-commerce shoe photography that I have used in my e-commerce shoe photography.

  • Paying attention to image size, resolution, and angles
  • Utilizing a variety of angles to show off the shoe’s unique features
  • Using high-resolution images will help make your shoes stand out from the competition
  • Keeping in mind the specific requirements for online sales such as showcasing details like buckles or laces can make a big difference in your sales

However, remember that the goal is to make the customer feel like they are already wearing the shoes!

Improve the Creativity in Shoes Photography

Modern stylish sneakers levitating above the box placed on a sofa
Sneakers levitating above the box placed on the sofa

Bringing creativity to your shoe photography can be the key to making your images stand out in the competitive e-commerce market.

Whether it’s incorporating unique props, experimenting with different angles and perspectives, or incorporating dynamic styling, there are endless ways to elevate your shoe photos.

The best ways to inject creativity into your shoe photography and help your images make a lasting impression on potential customers.

So, try the following tips and it will take your shoe photos to the next level.

1.      Experiment with different lighting setups and compositions to create unique and visually pleasing shots

Stylish open-heeled shoe placed near the soft light lamp
Stylish open-heeled shoe placed near the soft light

The soft lighting highlights the shoes in the above photograph’s shiny appearance while avoiding glare.

2.      Utilize props and styling elements to add interest and context to your shoe photographs

A shoes photograph with accessories
A shoe photograph with few accessories

This photo showcases the pair of shoes are well suited for professional settings.

3.      Get creative with angles and perspectives to showcase the details and features of the shoe

Shoes photograph showing detailed features
Photo of the shoes floating in the air

This photograph shows a detailed image of the pair of shoes, displaying more than 75% of the angling product under consideration.

However, 360-degree photography is the best technique to cover all the angles of the product.

If you’re interested in 360-degree photography, check out my article on how do I make a 360-degree product photo for a detailed guide!

4.      Play with color and texture to make the shoe stand out in the photograph

Sports shoes presented against the neon wall
Sports shoes are presented against the neon wall

The shoes in the photo match well with the neon colors. A more colorful look is highlighted on the shoes by using a neon-colored background.

4.      Use post-processing techniques such as color correction and background removal to enhance the final image

Skates with blades on black background
Skates with blades on black background

The photo was edited with post-processing techniques, such as removing unwanted elements from the background and adding shadows to enhance the sharpness of the product and showcase its intended.

Similarly, you can also create lots of creative shoe photographs. The article on product photography styles will help you with it.

So, think outside the box and try new things to elevate your shoe photography and make it stand out!


In conclusion, photography is important to showcase the elegance and style of shoes. By understanding and utilizing different lighting setups, composition techniques, and post-processing methods, you can elevate your shoe photography and make them stand out.

Additionally, understanding the unique challenges and considerations of photographing different types of shoes and incorporating creativity can help make your images stand out in the competitive e-commerce market.