About Us

Hi, we are a group of photographers from IT Solutions in Gippsland Pty Ltd. We are trying new things in photography and ShutterHow is the place where we share our photography tricks with you.

As a leading Gippsland web design company, we improved our experience on photographing both inside and outside the studio for a long time. Throughout this long voyage we learnt many tips and strategies to enhance our photography skills.

As mentioned earlier, ShutterHow is our dedicated blog for sharing what we learnt along this long journey. Whether you are new to photography or an expert, ShutterHow will be a pillar for the photographer inside you.

We will guide you on every aspect of photography like pricing, DIY, tips, best practices and much more. More importantly, everything is for free!

We maintain a collection of cameras in our studio. The reason is to use the best for the need. Following are some out of our precious collection;

Our main focus is to help photographer comrades so that they can learn quickly the things which took us years to learn, and to help them avoid doing the mistakes we did when we were starting out. Also, we talk in deep about less discussed topics which may be important in your photography career and provide help and guidance whenever you are faced with a problem.

Stay with us in our photography voyage and thank you for visiting our site!