Clothing Photography Ideas

Clothing Photography Ideas
A photo of a model in a party dress

The fashion and clothing industry cannot be left out of the conversation when discussing E-commerce and online businesses.

Photographing apparel has the potential to be a lucrative career path. When you’re required to take professional shots of the clothing, things become a little more complicated. 

Now, you may believe that all I have to do is press the shutter button on my camera. How tough can it be? Yes, taking pictures is a piece of cake.

But it’s a challenge to make them appear good enough to entice buyers. As a result, we’ve put up a comprehensive guide on garment photography.

Different Types of Clothing Photography

High fashion is a prominent and competitive field of photography.

Fashion photography has a wide variety of styles, and being familiar with them can help you stand out from the crowd and get more customers. 

1. Photographs for a Catalogue

A clothing catalog photo of a model
A catalog photograph of women wearing a red coat and dress pants

In terms of fashion photography, catalog photography is possibly the most straightforward.

Its primary function is to sell apparel, and the emphasis is on the ensemble.

It’s an excellent place to start before moving on to other forms of fashion photography. Photographing products for catalogs is, in fact, an example of this. 

In catalog photography, the only significant distinction from product photos is the appearance of the model.

Besides, the special features of catalog photography are as follows;

  • Clothing remains a considerable attraction
  • The most prevalent colors for the backdrop of the images are white and grey
  • It’s all about the clothes and a few simple props
  • Most of the models wear the outfits while standing up straight
  • However, they may adopt varied stances to highlight specific details, such as pockets, on the garments 

Lighting is usually the most challenging aspect of fashion photography in this approach.

When photographing clothes, you want to utilize lighting that catches the garment’s fine features without diluting the colors.

It’s recommended to avoid utilizing inside lighting or shooting in the dark to accomplish this.

Lookbook is a subgenre of catalog photography that has grown from that genre. Using models in real-world settings with outfits merges catalog photography with lifestyle photography.

2. Fashion Photography at Its Finest

fashion photo in its finest with a model
Woman in Black Blazer and Black Slacks With Purple Boots for a fashion Photo

On the front covers of their favorite publications, individuals are bombarded with images of high-end fashion.

High fashion implies well-known models’ infrequently exaggerated postures and often unrealistic attire for the photographer.

All aspects, including haircuts and location, are mixed to make a perfect shot. 

  • Consider the tone you want to evoke with the shoot as one of your initial priorities.

There is no need to go too detailed or stick to it if inspiration takes you elsewhere, but it’s a beautiful place to begin your exploration.

  • Choose a proper model.

You’re looking for someone with a lot of expertise, but you also want someone willing to work with you to get the desired effect.

  • You’ll also need a solid support group in addition to the model. 

You’ll need employees who aren’t only good at what they do and accountable. Makeup, clothes, and hairstyling are all things you’ll need help with.

It’s also a plus if they have a similar outlook on photography as you do while planning a session.

  • Once again, think about the vibe you want to convey while selecting a place.

There are additional practical issues, such as whether or not you could use a permit for the site, and if it’s inside, you may need authorization to use it. 

  • In addition to that, there’s the gear.

In addition to a high-quality camera, you’ll also want lighting equipment.

You’ll need a lightweight camera with long battery life for low-light photography.

And also, you may need a variety of lenses for different styles of photography.

3. On the Runway Looks

A clothing photograph of a model on a runaway look
A clothing photograph on a runaway look

The term “street fashion photography” refers to photographing individuals on the street.

In contrast to the highly stylized imagery of high fashion and magazine shoots, street fashion is more natural and unadorned.

It’s all about photographing individuals in real-world situations. 

Young people and urban culture are the driving forces behind fashion, not studio executives. Grunge, athleisure, hip-hop, boho, and hipster fashion photography are for you if you’re a fan of these clothing styles.

Street fashion’s laid-back tone has prompted more individuals to express themselves.

It’s become trendy for street fashion photographers to garner large followings on Instagram and fashion websites.

When it comes to interacting with customers, social media significantly influences fashion firms and fashion journals. 

Getting permission from the individuals you wish to shoot to prevent unethical photography is crucial for street fashion photography advice.

4. Fashion Photography on Social Media

The power of social media to promote anything is undeniable. Individuals are also influenced by the contemporary photographs people publish on their social media accounts when it comes to fashion.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms are doing a great job influencing people. 

As a result, many individuals want to be noticed by others.

Fashion photography on social media is becoming more popular to get attention or serve as an inspiration to others.

You don’t need a DSLR camera to take your picture.

Even if you use a smartphone to take fashion photos, you may still share them on your social media accounts. Because of your online presence, you may be considered a rising star in fashion.

Besides, I already wrote an article for clothing photography for e-commerce. It will be a perfect guide for you to increase your clothing sales on your online store.

Different Types of New Trends

What new photography trends might we expect to see in the next several years? Check out these 2022 photography trends and see how you may incorporate them into your distinctive style!

Let’s go straight to the point.

What do they see when they look through their cameras? Here are a few of the most anticipated developments for the year 2022.

1. Put on a Face Mask

Office wear clothing photograph with masks
Two women put on masks for a office wear clothing photograph

Faces will be different in 2020. We no longer have the opportunity to interact with others as often as we formerly did.

Portraits, on the other hand, remain portraits. For stock photography and street photography, everyone is now wearing a mask. 

There is nothing more out of character than a gathering of maskless persons standing directly next to one another.

As photographers, how can we adapt to this new style? Is there a way to appreciate the beauty of the photographs, despite displaying a timestamp?

Stock photos with persons hidden in them are in high demand, as is new PR with masked subjects. 

2. Photographs of the Natural World

A stroll in the woods is an excellent method to build social distance.

In the United States, the number of people visiting national parks and other natural places has never been higher.

Work schedules might be more flexible nowadays, and getting some fresh air and sunshine is a terrific opportunity to get out of home and try something new. 

Nature photography has become a popular pastime for photographers of all hues. As a new experience for some, it might be daunting. Others find fulfillment in perfecting and refining their craft.

Nature photography is gratifying in its simplicity, regardless of who you are or where you fit in. It’s almost always the experience that’s more important than the photos. 

3. Colors That Captivate

A clothing photograph for a jersey that used colors that captivate
A clothing photograph that used colors that captivate

It’s all about the brights in 2022. Focusing on color in your images may make them more visually appealing and intriguing.

Neon signs, ultra-saturated components, and brightly colored buildings may all be used to capture vibrant colors in work.


It’s safe to say that 2022 will test us in unexpected ways. However, if 2021 has taught us something, there is always a way out.

When it comes to a terrible moment like these, photography can link individuals across continents, even in the face of a worldwide epidemic and social isolation.

There are still photographers out there that are producing essential and compelling work.