Can I use LED lights for product photography?

Can I use LED lights for product photography?

Are you suspecting that shooting clean product pictures may not be pretty much hard?

Well, the good news is with the assistance of what-you-see-is-the thing that you-get LED light panels, the whole process is simplified that much for getting everything introduced.

Let us move forward to learn a bit more about this issue!

Can I use LED lights for product photography?

With their assistance, you will want to perceive what the light straightforwardly means for the scene, and that makes the shooting system simpler, particularly after many attempts to utilize strobe flashes and arbitrary power levels.

Taking clean product photographs is not hard as it is by all accounts. LED light panels will assist you with improving your work!

Taking a clear photograph of a product using LED light
Taking a clear shot of the product using LED light

Without the fitting lighting, your photography might become obscured, with a wide range of different types of noise, when the autofocus does not work precisely.

From one viewpoint, LED photograph light is made for those, who like to have outright command over the shooting system, and expertise to organize the light effectively. As well as how to utilize the unique gear to get the ideal outcome.

Then again, if it is simpler for you to become familiar with the current conditions, it will be harder for you to utilize LED lights instead of making your own.

Is LED lighting good for product photography?

Definitely yes, as it serves many purposes. Let us look at some of them-

LEDs are accessible in a wide range of intensities and colors

Rather than changing your camera settings and preparing for your film, you can pick the LED lighting that meets your requirements. LED lights for photography are accessible in one or the other daylight, or tungsten balance, just as bi-color.

By shooting with the right LED lighting, you can catch colors that look undeniably more than they do, all things considered, saving you post-handling time later on. Many LED lights are additionally dimmable and can be lit up or brought down by the controller, giving you more command over the brilliance of the lighting you are utilizing.

LED lights use undeniably less power and are last for a long time

LED lights convert 80% of the energy they use into light; contrasted with standard tungsten’s 20% proficiency, this is a tremendous improvement. A LED light that gives as much light as three 300w tungsten lights utilizes not precisely a large portion of the power of one 300w tungsten bulb.

Moreover, LEDs have a long life. You can go a very long time without supplanting them, implying that you are putting undeniably less waste into the climate. LED lights are support-free and give more than 25,000 hours of light life before it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant them.

LED light strip
LED Light Strip

LED vs. Traditional lights in product photography

LED Light Life expectancy:

The main benefit of LEDs, when contrasted with traditional lighting arrangements, is the long life expectancy.

LED Energy Proficiency:

LEDs usually devour low measures of power. At the same time, traditionally consume a lot more power.

Safety with LEDs:

Safety is maybe the regularly disregarded benefit with regards to LED lighting. The main peril regarding lighting is the emission of warmth. LEDs emanate no forward heat while traditional bulbs like radiant believer over 90% of the absolute energy used to power them straightforwardly into heat.

LED Lights is Tiny:

The genuine LED device is tiny. Little power devices can be not exactly a 10th of a solitary mm2, while bigger power devices can, in any case, be pretty much as little as an mm2. Their little size makes LEDs unimaginably versatile to an endless number of lighting applications.

LEDs Have Extraordinary Color Delivering Record (CRI):

CRI estimates a light’s capacity to uncover the real color of articles when contrasted with an optimal light source (normal light). High CRI is, for the most part, an advantageous trademark. LEDs, for the most part, have exceptionally high (excellent) appraisals regarding CRI.

LEDs Create Directional Emissions:

LED innovation radiates light for just 180 degrees. Each sort of light transmits light 360 degrees around the source. Consider a light that discharges light into the roof – that is your standard bulb. The issue is that you’re attempting to enlighten the room, not the roof. LEDs take care of this issue totally and give the investment funds back as far as the framework’s general energy proficiency.

LEDs Have Gigantic Plan Adaptability:

Since LEDs are so little, they can be utilized in practically any application you can consider. Unfortunately, this is not entirely possible with traditional light.

LEDs are Strong State Lights (SSLs):

LEDs are strong-state lights. This implies that the traditional glass bulb encompassing the light is altogether not necessary.

LEDs Do not Have Issues with Regular Switching:

LEDs turn on and off instantly. There is no warm-up period like on account of metal-halide lights. Also, regular switching doesn’t cause corruption in the device.

LED Lights are environmentally protected:

LEDs don’t have environmental issues normal to traditional lighting arrangements like fluorescent or mercury vapor lights.

LEDs Work on Exceptionally Low Voltage:

As a rule, LEDs work on exceptionally low voltages. This makes them appropriate for use in open-air lighting applications where another lighting probably won’t meet code, for example, with oceanfront homes where the ground level of the property is in a flood zone.

LEDs Work Well in Cold and Hot Temperatures:

LEDs function admirably in a wide range of operating temperatures without a critical downfall.

Which LED lights suitable for product photography?

Before purchasing LED lights, try to read more about their qualities and where it’s smarter to utilize them. Here are my short audits of four present-day LED lights kits for photographic artists that I suggest.

  1. NanGuang Adaptable LED Light Board CNST288C/2

You don’t need to purchase an outer softbox since this led board photograph light itself will give your photographs a soft illumination without a very rough type of light. Turn to adjust the light from 3200K to 5600K.

When you utilize this board LED lights for pictures, you can introduce them close to one another in a 60x60cm set, which is upheld by a tubular frame and Velcro connection straps, or there additionally is a 120×30 cm frame if you need to take full-length photographs.

The panels weigh two or three hundred grams, yet when installed in the frame, their weight development up to just about two kilograms, even though it is as yet good, considering the huge surface region.

NanGuang Adaptable LED Light Board CNST288C/2
NanGuang Adaptable LED Light Board CNST288C/2 (source:
  1. Neewer 14″ LED Ring Light

Purchase these led lights if you need representation photographs exceptionally near genuine nature.

The New 14″ LED ring impeccably fits iPhones and a little camera. The plug-in wire is very short. Could you switch it on and change brilliance?

The kit contains an iPhone adapter, diffusion filters, a lightweight, however tall, stand camera adapter, the remote control, and a pack to carry. Though this light kit is small, you will discover all you need there.

This set doesn’t occupy a lot of room, and it separates without any problem.

Neewer 14″ LED Ring Light with stand kit and carrying bag & soft tube
Neewer 14″ LED Ring Light with stand kit and carrying bag & soft tube. (source :
  1. SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Light Kit

With two white and orange filters and brightness diminishing from 10% to 100%, you may essentially change the brilliance and color temperature to get the ideal studio lighting climate.

This is a low-value LED photography lighting kit. It accompanies two short stands, two little LED light panels, and batteries. The size of the light panels is 6×4 inches enormous, with a 1-inch housing and lights stand.

Because of its little size, you can introduce one light on a camera with the provided hot shoe mount. These light panels are likewise lightweight, even with the proper batteries, and it is another benefit as they are not difficult to mount on huge cameras.

The light panels are easy to change, and they accompany a diffusing channel that makes the light softer.

SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Light Kit
SAMTIAN 160 LED Video Light Kit (source :
  1. ikan iLED312-V2 2-Point Bi-Color Flood Light Kit

This LED light for photography set incorporates 2 8.25×4.5×1.7-inch Bi-Color panels that empower you to set the color balance from 3200 to 5500K to fit the encompassing states of your studio photoshoot.

The panels are AC/DC, implying you might utilize the included power adapters to plug them in a divider power source. The kit contains four batteries, a charger, and a shoe mount for on-camera utilization, guaranteeing portability.

Besides, these board lights accompany 4-way horse shelter entryways that permit you to control the 60° bar spread, and a kit case helps store and carry out this load of stuff.


Best practices to use when using LED for product photography.

One thing to search for while continuing to LED lights is their comparable wattage power. There is confusion that LED lights to have less power since they have fewer watts, yet that is not right.

The genuine wattage demonstrates the real measure of power the LED utilizes, while the same wattage shows the bulb’s power identified with the lights were utilized.

Utilizing LEDs for photography doesn’t need to be confounded. The most ideal approach to begin to do it is to check the sort of LEDs you have accessible with regards to color temperature and to affirm that they give you the light you need. A short time later, it is simply an issue of changing the color temperature in your camera and looking at the outcomes in the LCD.

Final words

Assuming you need to get proficient photographs, you need to purchase the best LED lights for photography to fix lighting and arrangement. Nonstop LED lights will make your picture, product, or scene photographs better; they will turn out to be precise.

With this, the article has come to an end. I hope from now onwards you will never struggle in choosing lights for your product photography. So now, keeping the words in your mind, start to take the first step in taking photos with LED!