How Do I Take a Picture of Snorkeling on iPhone?

How do I take a picture of Snorkeling on my iPhone?
Taking photos of snorkeling on his iPhone by himself

Are you an underwater sea lover, and are you looking for ways to take your Instagram selfies underwater?

Usually, if you think of underwater photography, the only thing that comes to mind is a GoPro camera. But your iPhone is the best device that you can use to click underwater pictures.

In this article, we will discuss how you can take a picture during Snorkeling from your iPhone by yourself. Read it further to know more about it.

Can You Take Your iPhone Snorkeling?

Yes, you most definitely can take photos with your iPhone while snorkeling by using certain accessories that protect your phone from the water and do not hamper the quality of your phone too.

Man Snorkeling in Water with selfie stick and iPhone
A man snorkeling in water with an iPhone

As per the International Protection 67 (IP67) certificate, all the latest models of iPhone are safe from dust and about a meter of water immersion.

However, it does not mean that the phone is protected from any kind of chemicals, sand, or even salty water. Therefore, you can consider buying a waterproof phone case for your phone so that you can use it easily.

How to Take Stunning Underwater Photos?

The first and foremost step in taking an amazing shot underwater is to protect your phone first.

To protect your phone, you can buy an underwater case that will serve as a barrier between your phone and water.

Waterproof Pouches

Waterproof pouches are considered to be the most affordable option for taking any picture whatsoever underwater with your iPhone.

You can always go to Amazon or Flipkart to choose from the best and most reasonable waterproof pouches.

Advantages of a waterproof pouch:

  • The pouches will not only fit your phone but also has an area for fitting your documents, such as an ID or a credit card.
  • Since waterproof pouches come in a free size, meaning it fits all phones, even if you change your phone, you won’t have to buy a new waterproof pouch.
  • It is the most budget-savvy way of protecting your phone and taking pictures underwater. 

Disadvantages of a waterproof pouch:

  • The resolution of the photo gets ruined because of the quality of the pouch. 
  • The pouch might not be able to handle the pressure of water and might get immersed in it.
  • You won’t be able to use the phone.

Waterproof cases for iPhone

Instead of buying a regular case for your iPhone, you could buy a waterproof case instead.

Not only will you be able to click pictures underwater, but you can also use this case in your daily life as well. It will protect your phone from any kind of water droplets whatsoever. 

Advantages of iPhone:

  • The quality of the picture remains the same.
  • The cost of the case is the same as the regular one.
  • These cases are waterproof and shockproof as well, which would also act as a shield from dust and debris.

Disadvantages of iPhone:

  • It cannot be used when you want to go for a dive.
  • The touch screen will not work under the water, so clicking pictures could be a task.

Besides, remember to look good in your underwater photos. It will make stunning snorkeling pictures for you. For this purpose, you can refer to the article titled how do you look good in underwater pictures.

How Do You Take Half-underwater Photos with iPhone?

A half-underwater photo of snorkeling
A half-underwater photograph of a boy while snorkeling

Half-underwater shots are very popular nowadays, and with a sudden interest in photography these days, people are taking up to themselves for clicking great pictures.

Just like drone shots, half-underwater pictures are getting the buzz too. Let us see how we can click these pictures ourselves:

1. Select the right gear

There are two kinds of approaches: professional as well as amateur. 

2. Shoot under bright light

Even if you click half underwater, you will be able to draw a contrast between the blue aquatic color and the blueness of the sky.

3. Use volume buttons to click photos

Since you won’t use the touch screen, you can use the volume button to click the picture. Adjust the settings before you go to click pictures.

4. Check your focus settings

Take 25 secs before you move your phone when clicking pictures, and set your phone’s settings accordingly.

If the light feels dull, shoot half underwater towards the surface of the sea and sky. Since the lighting conditions can be different, you can always point your camera upwards to get a good click.

Editing Your Underwater Pictures

Editing is such a crucial process when taking amazing pictures because it will make or break your photos.

You need to know about certain points when taking a picture underwater therefore, you need to know how to edit such pictures. Some tips that you could follow to get a great image are:

  • If your photos look too cool such that they only look green, then you can use the temperature slider and slide towards the warm side to get a softer and yellowish tone in it.
  • Adjust the exposure, highlights, and brightness of the pictures so that you can tone down any unnecessary exposure and also warm up the picture.
  • You can increase the saturation of your pictures; meaning increase the tone of colors to a level so that you’re pictures get different colors altogether
  • Use apps such as Adobe Lightroom to edit your pictures and get the best ones to post on your feed.

For a detailed guide, check out the article titled how do you edit underwater photos.

Great Underwater Photography Ideas

Snorkeling is a great activity and must be captured at any cost. However, using your iPhone might be a tricky feat.

If you go prepared, you could get the best shot with your phone itself. When you have great-quality underwater housing, you can click amazing pictures underwater and follow some guidelines below:

1. Landscapes of the aquatic life:  

Landscapes of the aquatic life under sea
A photograph of scenic aquatic life under the sea

while you can click your pictures, click pictures of the scenic aquatic life as well. Random shots from afar also make for a beautiful picture.

It will also remind you of the time you went underwater when you saw these pictures again.

2. Marine wildlife:

Marine wildlife photograph
A random photo of underwater wildlife

The sea has such vast wildlife that you could get tired of clicking pictures of it.

Focusing on a big turtle underwater
Taking photos of a turtle underwater

As a beginner, you could focus on animals such as starfish, crabs, turtles, and even sea urchins. You could use burst mode to click the pictures so that you get at least one clear shot.

3. Selfies:

Selfies are such an easy way of including yourself in the photo and the surroundings simultaneously.

You could even include an animal around you in your picture or take a selfie with a coral reef background. You could even click a selfie with light shining from the surface of the water.

4. Underwater designs:

Big aquatic turtle swimming near sand underwater
A big aquatic turtle swimming

You can click the sand beneath, and odd shapes are shining through the sunlight coming from above. You could look for abstracts around you like nature in itself is beautiful and aesthetic.

The Bottom Line

Snorkeling is a great activity, and if you worry that your phone might not be able to click pictures, you’re wrong. Phones like iPhones have such a great resolution that they can click underwater without getting ruined.

Choose the right housing and set your iPhone’s settings correctly to get the best of images without spending so much money on unusual and unnecessary purchases. Editing should also be done to ensure that you get the best of images without compromising for too much exposure to light or too dull a picture.