Best Cameras for Adventure

taking shots of spring mountain.
Woman photographer taking pictures in spring mountain – adventure photography

What is the best camera for adventure? Is it Sony or Nikon? For your ease, I have compiled a list of the best camera for adventures that you should look specifically to buy your new camera.

This article helps you understand the range of the camera’s features and look for the important things you need to keep in mind when choosing the best camera. Without further ado, let us get started. 

Facts you should check when choosing a camera for adventure photography

Being an adventure photographer, your requirement will be only to take the best pictures without blur. Thus, there are a few things you need to remind when buying an adventure camera. 

  • Weather protected 

If you are going for adventure for the shoot, you will need to prepare for everything, be it rain, sun, cold, heat, and even salt sea air. Your camera should be protected from all climate changes so it won’t wear and tear.

However, there are certain tips and tricks that you can utilize to protect your camera from environmental changes.

Fortunately, many cameras are developed that give easy protection against these elements. So, choose one that comes with weather protected feature. 

  • Sensors

Full-frame and crop sensors come in handy if you look for a camera. Basically, these terms refer to the physical size of the sensor. The larger the sensor would be, the larger the pixels it has, and you can benefit from low-light performance.

The crop sensor gives a smaller view of the field than the full frame for better understanding. More crop-camera are more affordable than full-frame and a perfect for those who are just starting. 

  • Weight of camera 

When you are going on an adventure trip, it is common for you to have a lightweight camera that won’t trouble you physically. This is why buying a lightweight camera is just the perfect option to buy.

If the money doesn’t matter to you, check out the new camera range, mirrorless, which is a lightweight and cool option to buy. 

  • Camera lens

Besides looking into camera features and body, one must not forget to check the interchangeable lens feature. The lens is the crucial factor that you should check in photography as it plays a crucial role in clicking the best shots.

The different options of the camera lens allow your photography to go for versatile photoshoots. More, it enhances the camera has advanced settings. 

  • Manual Settings 

Adventure photography also requires a camera with manual settings since it allows you to control the photographs creatively. With these settings, you can easily get a greater quality range and change quickly.

Moreover, having a camera with such features can better adapt to changing the settings. 

What type of cameras would be the best for hiking or backpacking?

Hiking or backpacking requires a lightweight and best camera that can help you capture the best shots.

So, here I have picked the best cameras for hiking or backpacking. 

  1. Canon 5D Mark 3

It is like the EOS 5D camera, but the best thing about this model is that it is smaller and affordable. You can get a full-35mm digital camera and full HD, i.e., high Definition video recording with a full-frame sensor. 

Canon EOS 5D-Mark-III Camera
Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-III for adventure photography (source:

This camera is a choice for many filmmakers as they get the opportunity to capture even particles and depth adequately. 

  • Sony A7II/ Sony A7RII

The Sony camera brings perfection in every click as you will get brilliant image quality and 4K video capacity. The best features of this camera are the availability of WiFi, light, and compactness for traveling, making it a perfect package. 

Sony  A7 ii camera
Sony A7 ii camera for adventure photography-the lower model of Sony A7rii(source:

Sony A7ii is a lower model of Sony A7rii, which is comparatively cheaper and comes up with good features like a 42MP camera and low-light improvement and performance.

However, investing in a good-quality camera is not bad if you are going on a trip. 

  • Sony Alpha A99

The Sony A99 comes with a new feature of the electronic viewfinder that helps view the shoot even while shooting it.

This camera is suitable for candid, especially in adventure sports where you want to capture different shots on a candid basis as it contains a good quality back screen. 

Sony_Alpha_A99 Camera
Sony_Alpha_A99 for hiking photography (source:

You can get a 24MP and 35mm full-frame camera, which is best to capture beautiful landscapes’ clicks and comes up with a skilfully crafted sensor. 

  • Nikon D800E

If you are looking for another camera that is good for landscape areas and portraits, then Nikon D800E is an excellent choice for that.

It helps you capture the best images as you can get the best image quality with the help of this camera. 

The features of this camera are it is good for clicking pictures with high detailing as it got a decent flash and is also good to click pictures in sunlight.

However, the megapixels of this camera are normal, but sometimes megapixels are not everything. A photograph should have brilliant detailing and photographic tonality. 

NikonD800E camera
Nikon D800E is a good camera for both landscape areas and portraits (source:

Other features that make this camera put on the list are high-speed and high performance, which gives you the sharpest picture of the object. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Active 

In the list of DSLRs, a Smartphone makes its way, and the best thing is that nowadays, everyone owns a Smartphone, right?

If we talk about Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, it has a good camera quality, and also you can be able to edit pictures and videos on the phone. 

samsung-galaxy-s5-active for hiking photography
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for Hiking Photography

If you want to take advantage of a camera and Smartphone in a single product, choosing the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a great option. You can keep them in your pockets and take beautiful pictures whenever you want. 

Besides, if you are seeking a camera on a budget, the best budget camera for hiking and backpacking is for you.

My tip: Remember to ensure the safety of your camera while hiking or backpacking. You have various options for that, like straps, clips, backpacks, etc.

Selecting the right strap for your camera is crucial. For an in-depth guide on the best camera straps for hiking and backpacking, I recommend reading my latest article.

Additionally, there’s a variety of other equipment like clips and holsters. For more on this, see my article on the best camera holsters harnesses and clips for hiking.

Besides, make sure you have the right lens for your camera for your hiking journey. I believe you have already read the article on what lens is best for hiking.

Best Cameras for Skiing and Snowboarding

With so many skiing and snowboarding camera options, finding one is difficult. But we have made it easy for you. So, look at the list below:

  • Insta 360 ONE X2

It is 360 degrees action camera, a perfect option for skiing. This camera lets you capture all third-person angles that are enabled to shoot than traditional action cameras.

Insta-360-action for adventure photography
Insta-360-action for skiing & snowboarding (source:

Moreover, it will easily transform shooting high-quality videos and photos. Plus, it can help you share your shots as flat videos on social media, just like other cameras.

  •  GoPro Max

GoPro Max is yet another best camera for skiing and snowboarding, which is perfect for the mountain environment.

Not only this, it helps you create the best quality shot that gives you plenty of options such as live streaming, Time Warm, and ad power-pano options.

GoPro Max action camera
GoPro Max action camera for skiing & snowboarding photography (source:

Additionally, it comes with Max Hyper smooth, which gives you unmatched stability. If you need a long-lasting camera, then look for GoPro. 

  • Sony HDR-AS100V

If you’re looking for a solid-action camera, then Sony HDR-AS100V is yet another perfect option to look for. This model from Sony delivers high-quality pictures that simply make you in the best mood after seeing shots.

Sony-HDR-AS100V Camera
Sony-HDR-AS100V for skiing and snowboarding (source:

Another best feature of this model is you will find it as fully-functional with a Smartphone. Thus you can find it an easy option to carry. 

  • Olympus Tough TG-6

Olympus Tough TG-6 is an excellent Skiing camera that comes with a waterproof coating and gives you complete protection against dust, debris, and shock.

Olympus-tough-TG-6-excellent Skiing camera (source:

Additionally, it can keep your camera protected if it falls down. On top of that, the camera gives you a high-resolution F2.0 lens and 8X zoom. 

My tip: You have to be careful when carrying your camera while skiing or snowboarding, as these are very extreme sports. Here’s a guide for you: how do you carry a camera when skiing?

Which camera is best for cyclists?

If you’re a cyclist, then 360-degree cameras can be the best option to carry.


The reason is obvious; being on a cycle, you want to record everything that you are coming across. And the 360-degree camera has the power to give you the best results you need.  

Taking shots of the environment while cycling
taking a shot of the front view while a woman making a downhill using a mountain bike.

However, you can choose from helmet, dash, and action cameras, too, depending on your budget and requirements. Here are a few options:

  1. GoPro Max
  2. Insta360 One X2
  3. KandaoQooCam 8K 360
  4. Insta360 One R Twin Edition
  5. Insta360 One X

Among all the options, my favorite model is from GoPro. To find out which gopro is best for cycling, I recommend reading this article.

Are you seeking a buyer’s guide for a budget camera for your cycling adventure? Check out what is the best budget cameras for cycling for this purpose.

My tips: You need to pay careful attention when carrying your camera gear on your bike. You can read more about it in the article on how to carry camera gear on a bike.

Which camera is best for horse riding?

If you want to capture everything when you are on a horse, then here is the best selection of horse-riding cameras. 

  1. Move N See Pixio Robotic Cameraman
  2. Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II
  3. Cambox
  4. Nest Cam
  5. Canon 7D Mark II

Occasionally, I find that a helmet camera enhances my adventure photography the most. You might want to give it a try as well. For recommendations, refer to the best helmet camera for adventure photography article.

The Bottom Line

With the above information, now select the camera accordingly by checking out the points that a person should keep in mind so that they can get a better camera with all the features.

However, if you are still confused about choosing, ask your friends for some good recommendations or take help from an expert who can guide you correctly.

I hope this post was helpful to you.