Helpful Tips for Perfect Summer Camp Photography (Detailed guide)

Three kids at a summer camp

Are you excited about camping and want to save those memories forever? Then, photos are just the things you need to capture all the essence of camping into an inanimate object that you can keep for as long as you want.

Candid shots of people laughing and playing in the camp are the ultimate idea for a fantastic photo. In this article, I’ll tell you some tips and tricks that can elevate your photography skills so that you’re ready for the next camping trip!

5 Essential Components of Clicking an Amazing Camp Photo

Two people trying to light a bonfire in the summer camp
Trying to light a bonfire in the camp


Before clicking anything, you have to know what you’re going to click. Therefore, decide on a subject, like a person or an object, focus on them, and create a masterpiece.

If you’re in a camp, you can click candid pictures of the people around you by focusing on them.


Appropriate shadows and highlights are what make the photograph appealing. Imagine, if you are watching fireworks, and the colors look gloomy in your pictures, it would totally ruin the picture’s mood.

Therefore, adjusting the light around your subject before you know what kind of photo you are looking for is crucial.

Colour Scheme

The Colour scheme is such a deal-breaker for photography.

  • If you are looking for a bright, cheerful picture, the colours have to be bright and cheery, like yellow or blue.
  • But if you are looking for a gloomy, sad picture, colours like grey and dark green work better.

So, setting the mood of the photograph is essential, and an appropriate colour scheme will help you do that.


When you think about capturing the essence of a subject, the distance between you and them becomes crucial.

For example,

  • If you’re clicking a landscape, you have to click a wide-angled photo that captures the essence of the whole view of that landscape.
  • If you are clicking a close-up of your subject, say a person, then you have to decide whether you want a passport–size close-up or just a full-framed one.

The line of sight has to be set correctly for a fantastic photo.

Composition of Photos

Take it from a professional – composing a photo is probably the most crucial factor of photography.

Composition is nothing but setting a subject at a specific point and leaving the frame around that subject empty. 

So, when you follow this process, the photo becomes more appealing to look at because it is super focused on the subject.

However, if you capture too many subjects in an image or a lot of clutter surrounds the topic, then your photo might not look as aesthetic as you want it to be.

Therefore, keep a lookout for space around the subject and consider the point of depth in the picture.

Beside, consider surrounding the image with a different kind of framing technique which is subtle yet adds depth to the photo.

10 Tips to Remember for Your Summer Camp Photography

A photo of summer camp at a top of mountain
A summer camp at mountain range

I am going to let you in on some professional tips and tricks below:

1. Focus on the Subject

The subject that you are trying to click on has to be the focus of your photo. Therefore, set a mood where you can click the subject without getting any disturbance from your surroundings.

For example, if you are clicking individual candids, then you should consider just focusing on them. If you add the background, you miss the whole focal point of the photo.

2. Control the Surrounding

I know it sounds impossible, but you can easily remove the excess public from the photograph if you focus on your subject with your camera.

Also, if you are taking group pictures, always remember to click candid in a structured manner.

3. Pre-Plan Your Shoot

You know, it’s always great to have a set mind when you are going for a photoshoot. A camping area can be chaotic, so having a set format will help you get the best of shots.

Always remember to click those that are the vital essence of the camp, like the camp counsellor, children interacting with each other, etc.

4. Practice Patience – Photography

It is both an art and a skill. You have to give yourself some time so that you can click the best picture without messing up too much. Consider all the essential factors needed for the best photograph and then ease into the process.

5. Check Out New Settings

As you practice and master basic photography skills, it is time to get creative. Try recent edits on your pictures and use new apps like Lightroom for editing the images as professionals do.

You can change the look of a primary photo into a very hip picture. However, you will like it.

6. Dont Wait for the Sun

When I say light, I don’t only mean sunlight. You can buy a reflector or a flashlight to create more aesthetic pictures.

If you like photos in the sunlight, choose a spot that only gets a little light and see what magic happens then.

7. Try Out Different Lenses

Cameras come with so many different types of lenses these days, and you could try them and see which fits best with the mood of the area. 

8. Change the Frame of Your Subject

Place your subject in places different from the line of sight. Professionals sometimes place subjects in one corner intentionally so that they create a very different frame.

9. Edit and Modify

Before you send or post these photos anywhere, modify them and improve their quality.

For example, set the shadows and highlights, remove red eyes, and adjust the contrast appropriately. You can even change the photo’s colour scheme and make them Black and white for a gloomy mood.

Monochrome pictures have a different feeling to them and make some of the best photographs of all time.

10. Be Brave and Creative!

This is the trickiest of all the tips. If you decide to click a picture, always know what kind of pictures you aim for.

The other method you could follow is to click a ton of extra photos and then edit them like professionals. You find gems hidden in burst photos.

A girl holding a backpack at the summer camp
A girl at the summer camp


How do you take good summer pictures?

First and foremost, make a full-proof plan with a place and pre-planned outfits. Next, pick the right pieces of equipment/tools to operate, such as the correct lenses, a tripod stand, etc.

Finally, try to find a moment that depicts a story. If not a moment, you can always go with candid pictures. 

What are four things that a good picture must have?

Good photography must comprise 4 things: A subject, composition that suits the photo, Skilled techniques (shutter speed, ISO, etc.) and good lighting. Of course, you can always buy a light in case light is absent.

How do professional photographers make photographs appealing?

Professionals always take care of some aspects of photography that make the photography appealing: lighting, colour, textures, and shapes.

The Bottom Line

Photography is an acquired skill which means that you can practice and learn the craft. Therefore, you can excel at clicking amazing summer camp photographs if you probably follow all the tips I mentioned above in the article.  Remember to keep the mood of the photo set from the start.

Therefore, we can conclude here that you need to focus on the five essential features of clicking good photographs and make the best out of this experience for yourself!