Best Sony Lens for backpacking

Backpacking with Sony lens camera
Tourist man with backpack taking photos using Sony lens while traveling

Backpacking is a whole experience in itself that you save money for to get the best experience. But to capture the entire essence of this beautiful journey is a skill that everybody doesn’t have.

However, you could become a great backpacker if you carry the right camera and prepare well beforehand.

Let me walk you through one of the best camera lenses for backpacking: the Sony lens.

I am going to talk about the Sony A7 III camera. You will get to know all of the features that come with this camera lens and the benefits it serves.

So let’s get this show on the road.

What kind of lens should I take for backpacking?

Deciding on a lens is deciding what kind of brush and brush size you require for painting a masterpiece. You need the perfect size for the brush that can make strokes accurately.

Similarly, when you are deciding on a lens, you need to know the lens’s features properly. 

For example, when you go for a hiking trip or even a backpacking trip, you should buy a lens with a wider aperture since it will come in handy during capturing wildlife photos or for taking sunset or sunrise photos.

The aperture of f/3.5-6 is the perfect aperture for a lens to be used in a backpacking trip since you will be able to capture the craziest shots of the wild or the camp you are staying in.

Therefore, a good lens camera is essential for a good photograph when backpacking because you can do long exposure photography, hike photography, or even a night photography session.

Is the Sony A7 III a good camera for backpacking?

A7-III-camera for backpacking
A7-III-camera – one of the best camera for backpacking (source:

Let us see what features you get with the Sony A7 III and whether it’s a good choice for a backpacking trip.

  1. Depending on your budget, if you are looking for a cheaper option, then this isn’t for you. However, if you are willing to spend $2000, then you can buy this camera. Even though it is expensive, the camera is a full-frame camera that is mirrorless. 
  2. The wide-angle lens that it uses captures fantastic pictures of your hiking or backpacking trip with a good quality lens and camera body.
  3. The weight of the camera is 650gm.
  4. Dimensions of size: 5” X3.8” X2.9”
  5. It has a weather seal available to protect it against any weather condition.
  6. The camera also has in-body Image Stabilization, which gives out perfectly focused and crisp photographs.
  7. The size of the sensor is 24 MP BSI-SMOS sensors.

Some other features provided with the camera are:

  1. The Sony A7 III is a much more affordable option than any other camera with some of the best features and a small sensor with a 24MP full-frame.
  2. The quality of the photos clicked with this camera is fantastic.
  3. Their footprint is relatively smaller than all the other cameras combined.
  4. The camera has a better autofocus setting than any other camera compared.
  5. It comes with a touch screen that is not seen in many cameras.
  6. The battery life of this camera is impressive, and you can use this camera with ease.
  7. The camera comes with a weather seal which is known to protect the camera from natural elements like rain, wind, heat, etc.

Benefits of A7 III camera

  • The camera has terrific low-light performance meaning you can click the most stable, bright shots without worrying about placing the camera on a tripod.
  • The above point brings us to the next significant benefit: In-body Image stabilization, which happens to be of top quality.  
  • Full frame lenses can be expensive; however, you can choose from lenses such as Sigma and Tamron, which are not the only top-quality lens but are very reasonable to buy also.

Sony A7 III backpacking kit

The Sony A7 III comes with a backpacking trip kit in which you can hold all the necessary camera equipment and tools. Don’t even hesitate to buy this kit as it would come so handy when you are on your trip. Imagine holding everything in a bag unorganized and at risk of breaking.

Backpacking kits have pockets and divisions that are made for specific tools only like the camera, the lenses, etc. therefore, invest in this kit, and you won’t regret it.

You even get extra space to carry water, snacks, and essential medicines for your safety. Of course, you can buy their kit or invest in a different backpack as well. Also, always remember to purchase camera straps for comfortably holding the camera in place.

Sony A7 III vs. A6400 for a backpacking trip

    A6400Sony A7 III
    The Sony A6400 is lighter in weight than the A7 III as it only weighs 400gmA7 III weighs around 650 Gms.
    Image stabilization is not present in Sony A6400.The Sony A7 III has in-body image stabilization,
    The Sony A6400 is much cheaper than the other as it is only for a price of $898 The A7 III costs around $2000.
    The Sony A6400I has the 24MP APS-C CMOS sensorThe A7 III has the 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
    The A6400 does not have mirrorless cameras or a touch screen.The A7III comes with a full-frame, mirror-less camera with a touch screen
    Weather seal to protect from the natural elements. Weather seal to protect from the natural elements.
    A6400 does not have any extra backpacks and needs to be bought separately. A7 III comes with a base kit that can hold the camera, lenses, and even your tripod
    The comparison between Sony A7 III and A6400

    How do you carry your A7 III during hikes?

    • Carry a backpacking base kit that you can purchase along with the camera.
    • Find a camera backpack that can hold all of your camera equipment and tools such as a tripod stand etc. Usually, such backs have a holder for the tripod as well.
    • Bring a separate dry bag for your camera for small camera essentials like a lens etc.
    • Buy a fanny pack that can hold extra batteries, memory cards, etc.
    • Make sure your backpack has raincoats or jackets for unusual weather.
    • You can even carry remote shutter buttons or filters in your backpack for any photography, such as prolonged exposure photography, etc.
    • Purchase a camera strap that can be quickly released when you need to get stuff from your bag.


    Backpacking is a sacred travel trip that you save for your whole life, and capturing moments from it can become quite significant.

    However, if you are backpacking, then chances are that you have a lot of things to carry, right from clothes, toiletries, and shoes to the camera and its equipment.

    Therefore, buying the perfect camera comes with purchasing an equally ideal carrier.

    The Sony A7 III full-frame mirrorless camera is the ideal choice as it comes with a backpacking kit as well.

    The camera is not only great for wide-angle aperture photoshoots and long exposure photography but also for clicking rare and beautiful moments around the whole trip.

    So if you do decide to buy this camera, make sure it fits your budget, and you’re good to go!