What is the Best Budget Cameras for Cycling?

Are you fond of cycling and want to capture your moves in photographs? The article is going to compare a variety of cameras to make the decision easier and fulfill the dream of shooting your stylish moves.

I have also drawn comparisons by observing which camera fits the budget and which one is easier to use. If this is something that piques your interest, then the article is written for you. So jump on the bandwagon and come with me!

Which camera is best for bike riding?

Buying the most suitable camera for a bike riding trip is essential. Getting the most practical product can be important since you will be filming yourself and need a camera that can move anywhere around you.

Let’s see some of the best cameras made especially for bike riding:

  • GoPro Hero 10 Black

Hero 10 Black camera has become quite popular among cyclists because of its high-resolution footage and helmet mounts. 

The camera has a 5.3K 60p optical resolution with Hyper Smooth 4.0 – stabilisation. There is a GPS feature also, and its battery life extends up to 1-2 hours of recording at 1720mAh.

One can even mount this camera on their helmet with the mounts that come with the set. There are handlebar mounts that you can fix on the cycle’s handlebar to shoot yourself.

However, battery life of this camera is poor and is quite expensive as well.

  • Insta360 Go 2

InstaGo camera is tiny in size but has some of the best quality footage. It has a video resolution of 2k QHD 30p with Flowstate Stabilization. Yet again, battery life of is around 210 mAh which can be extended to 1100mAh with an additional charger.

HDR feature on here is excellent as it deepens the camera’s picture quality. Also, it is waterproof, which means that the camera is not at risk of getting wet.

However, with short battery life and no mounts available, you can take 9mp stills can be taken from the camera.

  • Akaso V50 X

One such camera that comes with an impressive resolution and stabilisation at a low price is Akaso V50 X. You can even shoot 4k 30p videos with stabilised pictures. However, GPS is not available, and battery life is quite short, i.e. 3 hours recording at 1350 mAh.

You can buy this camera for a good price because of its 4k quality. However, no mounts are provided meaning that it cannot be mounted on a bike.

Which is the best and cheapest action camera for cyclists?

Action cameras are made for shooting activities like Cycling, snowboarding and even biking. Therefore I have prepared a list of some of the best action cameras that one can buy at a low price:

  1. GoPro Hero 7 White:

One of the best purchases you will ever make, the video stabilisation of this camera is excellent as it works on 1440p30 1080p60 resolution. In addition, camera is waterproof at 10m immersion in water without a case.

There is a touch screen, and extra functions are available like voice control feature. However, you cannot shoot at 4k resolution, and there is no frame in the camera accessible for mounting camera. With only 2 hours battery, Hero 7 White may not be the most commendable camera for Cycling.

  • Akaso Brave 7 LE:

The camera has a front-facing screen with 4k30 video resolution and 10m waterproofing without the casing. One can access Akaso Brave with a button as well as voice control feature.

However, image stabilisation is pretty standard, for a shorter battery life of 90 minutes only.

A customer must consider buying this camera for its super-amazing quality, i.e. 4k30 and other features even though you might not be able to mount it.

  • Olfi One. Five Black (2nd generation):

Olfi One is the most versatile one with a reasonable pricing. For example, it  makes 4k24fps resolution videos with waterproofing at 30m deep in water without an actual case.

Image quality and video quality is insanely good and is a value for money too. In addition, camera is compact-sized and has a waterproof housing. They also provide a 64GB memory card with the camera’s original pricing.

But the touch screen is very small, and it’s build is not great compared to its competitive brands. 

Which is the cheapest GoPro for cyclists?

GoPro has one of the most admirable action cameras that one can buy for capturing all their cyclists’ moves and shooting the most bizarre video ever. Let me browse you through some GoPro action cameras at lower price:

  • GoPro Hero 10 Camera 

Talk about famous! GoPro Hero 10 camera has an amazing optical image stabilisation feature which is preferable for an action-packed biking trip. At 5.3K, 5.3K60 + 4K 120, video resolution  customers get a variety of connection modes such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi USB etc. 

Some of the special features of such camera include Time Lapse mode, Low-light photography and Anti-shake features. All of these special features work perfectly for an action camera. In addition, with HyperSmooth stabiliser, anyone can take photographs through long exposure.

However, GoPro Hero 10 costs around $657, which is great compared to other cameras.

  • GoPro Hero 8 Camera 

Are  you looking for a light camera? Then, there is nothing better than GoPro Hero 8 camera which costs around $259, quite reasonable for an action camera. In addition, there are three levels of stabilisation with SuperPhoto and HDR mode as a special feature.

Hero 8 has HyperSmooth 2.0 image stabilisation which can take amazing videos in Slow motion. It has waterproofed housing as well up to 10m water. Even though, there is only 110 mins of battery life, camera is quite light in weight (126g).

  • GoPro Hero 9 Camera 

GoPro Hero 9 Camera costs up to $329 with HyperSmooth Stabilisation and a front screen which is amazing for clicking selfies. In addition, the battery life is increased upto 120 minutes, and features amazing 5K optical resolution.

Camera is incomparable because it presents such an abundance of features at absolutely low prices. In addition, the camera is lightweight (158) and has waterproof housing up to 10m of water level.

Even the pictures taken from such a masterpiece is of 20MP, which is an amazing pixel quality for a camera. Some other special features include timelapse, real-time video, and even TimeWarp 3.0 mode, which balances timelapse and real-time video. It is an amazing feature for a camera at such a low price. So if this gets you in the mood of taking a beautiful cycling shot, do not hesistate and make the purchase.


Have you been looking for amazing action cameras for bike cycling rides? Your search is over because I have given you the best list to choose from. Cycling is already a tiring activity, so one should buy a camera that mounts easily on the helmet or the cycle for photographing from various angles.

Action cameras are fantastic for capturing cycling shorts since they’re easy to handle and can be mounted. GoPro lives up to its name and makes a great series of cameras. Don’t let the choosing hat make the choice for you!