Is GoPro Good For Hiking? Featuring the Latest Models

Is GoPro Good For Hiking? Featuring the Latest Models
A GoPro setup to capture mountains in a hiking journey

Who doesn’t love capturing beautiful moments while hiking? It’s almost essential, and that’s why a GoPro is a fantastic camera to have on hand.

In this guide, I’ll delve into the practicalities—featuring the latest models in 2023, how to use a GoPro, the accessories that will come in handy, and tips to capture candid moments seamlessly during your hike.

So, dive into the guide!

GoPro: Enhancing Hiking Adventures with Dynamic Photography

In my assessment of whether a GoPro is suited for hiking, its versatility immediately grabs my attention.

I find a GoPro to be an outstanding choice for hiking photography, thanks to its capacity to snap high-quality photos and record striking footage, greatly enhancing the adventure. It especially excels in capturing dynamic action shots, injecting excitement and vibrancy into my hiking memories.

Therefore, for anyone aiming to document their hiking journeys, a GoPro proves to be an invaluable asset.

How to Use GoPro While Hiking?

Holding a GoPro camera against a nature landscape backdrop
Holding a GoPro camera

The GoPro is a versatile companion, especially on a hiking trail. Here are five ways I find it incredibly useful:

1. Recording Journey 

Regardless of whether I’m biking, driving, or simply walking, my GoPro is always at the ready to record every moment of the journey.

A hiking team recording their journey using GoPro
A hiking team recording their journey with GoPro

I prefer attaching the GoPro to bags or poles; it seamlessly journeys along with me, ready to replay memories and create amazing videos.

2. Shooting the Actions when Hiking

Captured the actions when hiking
Action photograph was taken facing the mountains and clouds

GoPro is excellent for capturing action shots during activities like skateboarding, jumping, biking, or cycling.

It’s perfect for recording new videos and capturing the essence of my adventures in short clips.

3. Adding New Dimensions to Your Family Shots

GoPro is ideal for immortalizing family moments on hikes.

stunning family moment - hiking photography
A family moment while hiking using a GoPro

4. Capture Your Furry Friends

Hiking with the dog near the mountain
A photograph of a furry friend’s moments

Nothing is better than capturing furry friends’ moments. There is no doubt that capturing your lovely pets is beautiful, and when you are doing it with GoPro, it will be good. 

5. Creating Time-lapse

I love immortalizing the passage of time during hikes by creating mesmerizing time-lapse videos.

I position my GoPro to capture the sun rising or setting, or clouds moving across the sky and let the camera do the rest.

How Do You Carry a GoPro when Hiking?

Mounting a GoPro onto a drone
Mounting a GoPro onto a drone while hiking adventure

If you have planned to take a gopro for hiking along with you, then you need to accessorize some important elements to make the most out of it.

Let me share the method I usually follow when carrying a GoPro while hiking.

Backpack Mount

One of the important things you will need to take along with GoPro is a backpack mount for the water and goods. This gives easy straps to carry out your things on your shoulders with ease.

Also, with this, you do not need to wear an extra strap. 

Head Strap

It is yet another popular accessory you will need to take along when hiking. Also, it is a brilliant choice for those who are interested in taking video shoots.

head strap for hiking with GoPro
A man using a head strap for his GoPro in his hiking journey

This will not add any extra weight to your shoulder when hiking. It is cheap and comfortable to take along with you. 

3-way grip for GoPro

It is one of the multi-purpose GoPro accessories you should take along with your hiking trip.

This grip comes in an extendable arm and tripod so you can shoot things easily. If you want to take candid shots, a tripod is there to help you. 

Karma Grip for GoPro

Karma grip is also the best accessory which is perfect for taking videos and giving focus when hiking.

karma-grip-for-GoPro-for hiking photography
Karma grip

It won’t let you end with shaking footage or blurred vision. This will help you capture all that seems to be captured when hiking. 


If you want to do a professional shoot, then a drone is the must-have accessory you need to carry out with yourself when hiking.

Best drone for Gropro - hiking photography
Drone for GroPro Action Camera

This helps you fold up, is portable, ad easy to take along with you. Moreover, when the drone is in the air, you can easily set it to follow-me mode so it will capture everything. 

Seeker backpack

If you are carrying out several mounts on the hiking, then a seeker backpack is the best to take along.

Seeker backpack for hiking
A seeker backpack

This is specially designed to tailor all your needs, such as GoPro batteries, memory cards, karma drones, and many more. 

Best GoPro Settings for Hiking

If you’re ready for hiking, then you will need to ensure some important settings that you need to do before walking out for the trip.

For better results, you can use both proven hiking tips and camera settings;

GoPro Hiking Tips

  • Choose the right GoPro Camera

You will need a high-quality GoPro camera that satisfies your hiking needs and helps you get the best shots. 

So, for the best, taking 30FPS for videos will be perfect; GoPro Hero 5 and hero7 will help you shoot 4k at 30FPS. Hero8 Black Pro is best for buying; catch the full details here

  • Do not forget batteries

If you are going hiking for 2-3 days, then taking out excess batteries is a must-thing you have to check. This is like preparing for sudden shock.

With a long enough battery, you can shoot everything even for a long time. Suppose you’re shooting with 4k, so it is expected about 70 minutes of the straight shoot. 

  • Shoot videos to take photos

Hiking is challenging. Thus, taking pictures every time cannot be easy.

Regardless, making videos can help you take the best shots from it. With this, you can even capture all the candid shots that you can’t even expect in photography. 

  • Go with storytelling

If you’re a travel vlogger or blogger, then people will be more interested to know about the real story.

So capturing that will be cool instead of taking pictures. With the videos, they can imagine themselves on the journey. So, think about your audience when capturing.

Remember to shoot every aspect you would come across, be it weather, food, temperature, outfits, creatures, etc. Think about doing unique, so capture all. 

  • Check different mounts

It is a much more important tip than enjoyment. With different mounts, you can easily take shots from different angles.

You can choose a backpack from a strap or selfie stick, and a 3-way grip. These will help you take footage of the whole, and having it means you are safe and get the best side of yours.

  • Try Stabilizing Gimbal
GoPro Camera on a Flexible Tripod on a Tree
A GoPro camera on a flexible tripod on a tree branch.

If you want to film a hiking tour and make the shoot more professional,

Try stabilizing gimbal such as GoPro Karma. In this way, you will give a gliding shoot, and it looks extremely professional.

a woman hiking having a GoPro Karma Grip
A woman hiking having a GoPro Karma Grip for more professional shots

Camera Settings for GoPro Hero 8 to Hero 12

In my experience with various GoPro models, from the Hero 8 to the latest Hero 12, I’ve discovered certain settings that enhance the hiking and photography experience.

GoPro Hero 8 & Hero 9:

  • 30fps for Balanced Footage: For both the Hero 8 and Hero 9, shooting at 30fps is ideal. It offers a great balance of resolution and frame rate, providing smooth and detailed footage.
  • ProTune Enabled: I always shoot with ProTune turned on. This feature offers more control over the footage, capturing in finer detail and allowing for more comprehensive post-editing.
  • Stabilization On: The HyperSmooth stabilization in these models is excellent for capturing movements without the shake, essential for hiking trails.

GoPro Hero 10:

The GoPro HERO10-Black
  • 5.3K at 30fps: For high-resolution captures, the Hero 10’s 5.3K setting at 30fps is exceptional. It’s perfect for detailed landscape shots.
  • HyperSmooth 4.0: This stabilization technology in the Hero 10 ensures ultra-smooth footage, even on rugged terrains.

GoPro Hero 11:

The GoPro HERO11
GoPro HERO11
  • 5.3K at 60fps: The Hero 11 steps up the game with its ability to shoot 5.3K at 60fps, ideal for capturing fast-paced action in high definition.
  • Improved Low-Light Performance: I use this setting for early morning or late evening hikes, as it significantly enhances video quality under low-light conditions.

GoPro Hero 12:

The GoPro Hero12
GoPro Hero12
  • 5.3K HDR Video: The Hero 12’s capability to shoot in 5.3K HDR is a game-changer. It produces vibrant and dynamic footage that captures the essence of my hiking adventures.
  • Wireless Audio Support: A unique feature of the Hero 12 is its wireless audio support, which I find handy for adding natural sounds or narrations to my videos.

My Tips:
• Use different angles and perspectives, like with an extendable pole mount, helps in capturing unique shots.
• Pay attention to how each element in the frame contributes to the overall composition of the shot.

By adjusting these settings to suit the specific model and the hiking environment, I’m able to capture and create impressive and memorable footage of my adventures.

Latest GoPro Models and Features: My Insights

As an avid hiker and photography enthusiast, I constantly keep an eye on the latest advancements in camera technology, especially GoPro models. Recently, I explored the newest additions to the GoPro family and their features that are particularly beneficial for hiking.

The GoPro Hero12

This latest model, which I find quite impressive, was released in September 2023.

What stands out to me is its extended battery life, a boon for long hiking trips where charging options are scarce.

The Hero12 boasts 5.3K and 4K HDR video capabilities, allowing me to capture breathtaking landscapes in stunning detail. Its wireless audio support, compatible with devices like Apple AirPods, is a feature I find handy for adding narrations or natural sounds to my hiking videos.

The Hero12: My Favorite Key Features

GoPro Hero 12 camera holding with straps
A GoPro Hero 12 camera holding with straps

1. Enhanced Image Stabilization

The Hero12’s Hyper Smooth stabilization has been a game changer for me. Hiking trails are rarely steady, and this feature helps in capturing smooth, professional-grade footage even when I’m on the move.

2. Max Lens Mod 2.0:

Another feature I’ve been experimenting with is the Max Lens Mod 2.0. It significantly enhances the camera’s performance, especially in capturing wide-angle shots, which is perfect for those panoramic views I encounter on hikes.

3. Durability and Water Resistance

As with previous models, the ruggedness and water resistance of the Hero12 are features I rely on. Whether I’m caught in a sudden downpour or traversing near water bodies, I’m confident in my GoPro’s ability to withstand these elements.

4. Low-Light Performance

The low-light performance has seen noticeable improvements. For early morning hikes or late evening treks, this feature ensures that my photos and videos retain clarity and detail.

In summary, my exploration of the latest GoPro models, especially the GoPro Hero12, has reinforced my belief in their suitability for hiking. The combination of durability, advanced video capabilities, and user-friendly features makes them an ideal choice for documenting outdoor adventures.

Besides, I found an interesting video on using GoPro during a hiking adventure for more inspiration. You can refer to it too.

The Bottom Line

GoPro is unique and the best Camera for hiking as it captures everything from head to toe and different activities as well.

I hope with the above guide; you know the settings and use of GoPro for capturing the best shots. 

Besides, I recommend you choose the best quality GoPro camera to make your shoot more professional and engaging for your audience.

Plus, try experimenting with unique candid shots. For more ideas, check out the articles on hiking photoshoot ideas and learn how to take pictures of yourself while hiking.