Is GoPro Good For Hiking?

Is GoPro Good For Hiking?
a man using a GoPro for his hiking journey

Who doesn’t want to take good shots when hiking? Of course, you need it, and that’s why GoPro is one of the coolest cameras you should have.

It is called a versatile camera that helps you click quality photos and shoot amazing moments. Although, it is best to capture an action shot that makes your journey more exciting. So, how is GoPro good for hiking? Let me clear you. 

This article explains how to use, what accessories you need, and more to get candid shots with GoPro.

So, read the guide!

How to use GoPro while hiking?

As I said, GoPro is versatile so that you can use it in five ways such as: 

  • Recording journey 

It doesn’t matter you want to be short from a bike, car, or walking on the roads. You can easily record your journey with GoPro.

A hiking team recording their journey using GoPro
A hiking team recording their journey with GoPro

The best is to attach the GoPro with bags or poles to journey along with you to replay the memories and use it for the amazing videos.  

  • Shooting your actions when hiking

Undoubtedly, this Camera is best suited for shooting action shots such as recording skateboarding, jumping, biking, cycling, or other activities easily.

taking shots of hiking actions
Taking shots of hiking actions when using GoPro

More this can be used to record new videos and small shots.  

  • Adding new dimensions to your family shots

If you want to capture your stunning family moments, such as child’s play, happy family time, gaming, laughter, etc., then GoPro is the best fit for you.

stunning family moment - hiking photography
a stunning family moment while hiking using GoPro

This will help you shoot everything in great quality so that you can easily cherish your memories even you see them after a long time. 

  • Capture your furry friends

Nothing is best than capturing furry friends’ moments. And there is no doubt to say capturing your lovely pets is beautiful, and when you are doing it with GoPro, it will be good. 

pet in your hiking capturing using GoPro
Capturing your lovely furry friend while hiking using GoPro

How do you carry a GoPro when Hiking?

Now, you know the multiple uses of the GoPro Camera for hiking. So, if you have planned to take it along with you, then you need to accessorize some important elements to make the most out of it. So, let’s go:

  • Backpack mount

One of the important things you will need to take along with GoPro is a backpack mount for the water and goods. This gives easy straps to carry out your things on your shoulder with ease.

Also, with this, you do not need to wear an extra strap. 

  • Head Strap

It is yet another popular accessory you will need to take along when hiking. Also, it is a brilliant choice for those who are interestingly involved in taking video shoots.

head strap for hiking with GoPro
A man using a head strap for his GoPro in his hiking journey

This will not add any extra weight to your shoulder when hiking. It is cheap and comfortable to take along with you. 

  • 3-way grip for GoPro

It is one of the multi-purpose GoPro accessories you should take along with your hiking trip.

GoPro 3 Way (Grip/Arm/Tripod)
GoPro 3 Way (Grip/Arm/Tripod) – multi-purpose GoPro accessories – hiking photography (source:

This grip comes in an extendable arm and tripod so you can shoot things easily. If you want to take candid shots, a tripod is there to help you. 

  • Karma Grip for GoPro

Karma grip is also the best accessory which is perfect for taking videos and giving focus when hiking.

karma-grip-for-GoPro-for hiking photography
karma grip for GoPro for hiking photography as one of the best accessories (source:

It won’t let you end with shaking footage or blurred vision. This will help you capture all that seems to capture when hiking. 

  • Drone

If you want to do a professional shoot, then a drone is the must-have accessory you need to carry out with yourself when hiking.

Best drone for Gropro - hiking photography
Best drone for GroPro Action camera – hiking photography (source: )

This helps you fold up, is portable, ad easy to take along with you. Moreover, when the drone is in the air, you can easily set it follow-me mode so it will capture everything. 

  • Seeker backpack

If you are carrying out several mounts on the hiking, then a seeker backpack is the best to take along.

Seeker backpack for hiking
For several mounts on the hiking, a seeker backpack is the best (source:

This is specially designed to tailor all your needs, such as GoPro batteries, memory cards, karma drone, and many more. 

Best GoPro Settings for hiking

If you’re ready for hiking, then you will need to ensure some important settings that you need to do before walking out for the trip. For impressive views, you must check the hiking tips and the camera settings. 

GoPro Hiking Tips

  • Choose the right GoPro Camera

Hiking is considered one of the top-notch outdoor activities that are usually popular among youngsters. Thus, you will need a high-quality GoPro camera that satisfies your hiking needs and help you get the best shots. 

So, for the best, taking 30FPS for videos will be perfect; GoPro Hero 5 and hero7 will help you shoot 4k at 30FPS. Hero8 Black Pro is best for buying; catch the full details here

  • Do not forget batteries

If you are going hiking for 2-3 days, then taking out excess batteries is a must-thing you have to check. This is like preparing for sudden shock.

With the long-enough battery, you can shoot everything even for much time. Suppose you’re shooting with 4k, so it is expected about 70 minutes of the straight shoot. 

  • Shoot videos to take photos

Hiking is challenging. Thus, taking out pictures every time cannot be easy.

Regardless, making videos can help you take the best shots from it. With this, you can even capture all the candid shots that you can’t even expect in photography. 

  • Go with storytelling

If you’re a travel vlogger or blogger, then people will be more interested to know about the real story.

So capturing that will be cool instead of taking pictures. With the videos, they can imagine themselves on the journey. So, think about your audience when capturing.

Remember to shoot every aspect you would come across, be it weather, food, temperature, outfits, creatures, etc. Think about doing unique, so capture all. 

  • Check different mounts

It is a much more important tip than enjoyment. With having different mounts, you can easily take shots from different angles.

You can choose a backpack from strap or selfie stick, and 3-way grip. These will help you take footage of the whole, and having it means you are safe and get the best side of yours.

  • Try Stabilizing Gimbal

If you want to film a hiking tour and make the shoot more professional,

Try stabilizing gimbal such as GoPro Karma. In this way, you will give a gliding shoot, and it looks extremely professional.

a woman hiking having a GoPro Karma Grip
a woman hiking having a GoPro Karma Grip for more professional shots

Camera settings for GoPro Hero 9 and Go Pro Hero 8

Probably, 30fps is perfect for shooting from quality GoPro Cameras like GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 8. With this, you will create the perfect balance between resolution and frame rate.

Moreover, it will be best to shoot with ProTune. And if you’re going for editing, this gives more control, as its captures in detail and gives you more composition of your videos. 

Additionally, it will add more scope for you to edit the picture and come up with an impressive output. Plus, if you have GoPro stabilization, then turn it on to capture your movements. 

Besides, focusing and trying out different angles can help you capture unique photography. You can even try to use an extendable pole mount for having impressive photos.

The Bottom Line

GoPro is really unique and the best Camera for hiking as it captures everything from head to toe and different activities as well.

We hope with the above guide; you know the settings and use of GoPro for capturing the best shots. 

Besides, we recommend you choose the best quality GoPro camera to make your shoot more professional and engaging for your audience. So, what’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us.