How To Sell Astrophotography

how to sell astrophotography
Stunning Astrophotography shot for earning money

Devotion, effort, and talent are required to produce stunning photos of the stars and other celestial bodies. Because astrophotography is complex, can we earn money from it?

Yes, astrophotographers may earn a career doing what they love, and many do it successfully. Even so, it is hardly a walk in the park.

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How To Earn Money from Astrophotography

Step – 1

To remain competitive in today’s market, you will need to build a astrophotography site to display your work.

Your website should display your work and provide potential customers with the details they want to collaborate with you on a project.

Make sure your website’s layout is simple to browse and that the design conveys your most important points. Include a sample of your most outstanding work in a portfolio.

To help potential customers discover more about you as an artist, you should add a bio page on your website that includes your contact information and specifics on your services, price, and background.

Build a shop on your website if you do have prints to offer. Prospects will be able to find and pick your work this very easily.

When you sell images online rather than in a cinder block gallery, you may save money on operating expenses and spend it on astrophotography equipment and other aspects of your company.

Are you rich with knowledge of astrophotography equipment? If your answer is no or less then I have a complete guide for astrophotography equipment for beginners.

Step – 2

Your portfolio’s visibility to potential customers may be increased via social media.

Many professional photographers use the accounts they set up for their businesses to post examples of their work and to show off their most recent projects.

You should also share any blog pieces you have written and provide a website URL when you publish them on social media.

Social networking is an excellent way to get out about your website and blog.

Step – 3

It is always a good idea to spread the word about your business among the people in your network, such as family, friends, and previous clients.

However, you must also find ways to bring in new clients. Finding new customers via paid advertising may be a very effective strategy.

Facebook and other social media sites make it easier to identify and reach out to potential customers in your region.

Can I Sell Astrophotography?

Only a few individuals can earn a career selling their astrophotography. Some individuals do earn a career by selling their astronomical photographs; however, it is a difficult path to follow.

How Do I Share My Astrophotography?

If you like capturing astrophotography photos, you should post them to your website or social media account.

Beginners will discover that others are willing to provide encouragement and advice on how to improve their skills. It is also a great way to challenge yourself to improve your photography.

get more about sharing your astrophotography images by referring this video.

Different Methods And Platforms

·  Astrobin

Users tend to be more advanced and concentrate on deep-sky things.

Nonetheless, novices may participate on the site and learn from some of the most talented photographers.

An abundance of detail is provided with each photograph on its origination, capture, and post-production.

Night sky view using AstroBin
A shot of nebula space its origination, capture, and post-production using AstroBin

As a bonus, you can quickly discover and categorize photographs made with certain telescopes, cameras, mounts, and all images for a particular object.

Membership and the ability to post photographs are based on a subscription model. However, there is a free admission alternative available.

· SmugMug

For a fee, SmugMug is a photography portfolio service that enables you to save limitless photographs and construct your web pages for exhibiting your shots.

smugmug-review1 for astrophotographer
smugmug-review for astrophotographer (source:

Many photographers like this feature because it allows them to monetize their work by selling prints and other merchandise.

· 500px

500px is comparable to Flickr in many ways, but it is easier to use and more entertaining to use.

A simple look at the number of ‘likes’ and “comments” on your photographs tells you how well they have done. 

However, it is more for popular photos than astrophotography, so do not anticipate as much information from astrophotographers as you would expect from a site like Astrobin.

However, this function has been withdrawn to promote photographers who are offering courses and presets for those who pay for a premium membership.

How To Make Money From Astrophotography (20 Ways)

1.     Photographs Of The Night Sky

 Images may be sold to stock picture websites as an alternative method of making money.

These require that you submit photographs that conform with the site’s requirements before they can be made available to the site’s subscribers. After that, a tiny batch is made and stored for future use.

2.     Sell Nfts For Astronomy Photography

NFTs – Non-Fungible Coins – are new phenomena that have just emerged. In other words, you are selling the right to use a digital asset (like a picture) to another party.

3.     Images To Publications For A Profit

As there is so much rivalry and many publicly accessible photographs through stock sites and websites like Flickr, being paid to get your pictures published in newspapers and publications is difficult.

4.     Participate In Contests For Astrophotography

 Competitions for astrophotography may provide a steady source of cash, even if you’re not capable of making it your full-time job.

5.     Obtain Employment in Astrophotography

 Only a few companies are interested in hiring a photographer to chronicle their job, such as NASA, which employs an official photographer to take images of technicians at work.

6.     Produce Television-Ready Astronomy Footage

Some of the world’s most renowned astrophotographers get compensated for their work on television shows.

7.     Do Workshops on Astrophotography

Teaching astrophotography to others may make sense if you have gained some proficiency in the art and are obtaining decent results. There will likely be others who want to gain from you, and there are many methods to go about doing this. As a second alternative, you might become a workshop instructor.

8.     Teach Classes in Astrophotography

 Similarly, you may develop an astrophotography course if you have the necessary expertise and knowledge.

9.     Astrophotography Training From A Professional Instructor

As an alternative, you may volunteer to teach individual pupils. As before, this might be done face-to-face or through the internet.

10.  You May Start An Astrophotography Channel On Youtube

Create a YouTube account and post instructional films to show your skills and share your knowledge with those interested in astrophotography.

11.  Create An Instagram Account For Your Astronomy Pictures

 Instagram is an excellent place to build a fan base for your work. It’s a perfect forum for promoting photographic material and other methods to generate money, even if you can’t be paid immediately for it.

12.  Set Up An Internet Portal Dedicated To Astronomical Photography

 You will probably like to have its website, just as you want a YouTube or Instagram page.

13.  Astrophotography Books Should Be Written 

If you are an expert in your field and have a flair for writing, you may want to consider creating and selling your book.

14.  Start A Patreon For Astrophotography

Patreon is an option that several well-known astrophotographers give to their followers, where they may make a monthly contribution to the person.

15.  Create Software For Astrophotography

Astronomy enthusiasts may come upon a problem they wish there were still a software application for, and maybe, you might be the one to write the programme to solve the issue.

It is possible to accomplish this on your own if you have the necessary expertise, or you may look for a team of people to collaborate with.

16.  Create Astronomy-Themed Photoshop Plugins And Lightroom Presets

In the same line as independent software, you might create a tool for astrophotographers that work with post-processing applications like Photoshop or Light room.

17.  Apps For Astrophotography Should Be Developed

Is there a smartphone app that can assist astrophotographers plan, capturing, or analyze their images instead of building software?

18.  Equipment/Gear/Product Development for Astrophotography

Creating a tangible product that other astrophotographers would pay for might also be a hurdle.

19.  Use The Internet To Build A Remote Astronomy Observatory

Could you build a remote telescope that anyone could access? This major project would take a significant amount of initial money, but can you do so?

20.  Astrophotography Prints

One of the simplest and most apparent ways to earn money with long exposures is to attempt to sell your pictures.


If you are new to astrophotography, the best place to start is by taking pictures of the night sky using your Smartphone or a DSLR/mirror less camera that you already own.