Hiking Poses for Instagram

Are you a wanderlust-driven person? Are you trying to spice up your Instagram page with some travel pictures of your hiking trip? Well, we will tell you how to strike the perfect pose when on a hike.

Now that summer’s back, it’s time for the perfect hiking shot to capture this momentous experience forever. But one problem with hiking photography that persists is how you can make exciting poses for the shoot. So let’s see all that you can for that camera-perfect, pose-perfect shot!

How should I pose for hiking pictures?

Instagram is all about that vibes and aesthetics, whereas hiking is all about the rough experience of a fantastic experience in nature. It would be best to become a magician to adopt both styles and make one perfect shot.

  • Do not forget the Sunset- The best way of posing is to stand in front of a beautiful sunset and take a silhouette shot in the beautiful color composition around you.
  • Make your hands look busy- The most common pose for a photograph is to create a focus on your hands. For example, you could hold your scarf in your hands and let it fly with the hiking trail in the background. You can even create this pose at the top of the hike with the enormous view and compare shots to see which one is better for your Instagram feed.
  • Strike a pose with your hat – A hand on your hand with another stretched above makes for a great and vibrant picture. It could also depict that you’re excited about the hiking trail.
  • Take a perfect sitting pose – Strike a pose on the big rock you found in the middle of your hike trail and take a picture of you sitting on the rock. Make it your think rock!
  • Glance sideways shot-Haven’t we all clicked this picture where we stare into the abyss sideways? This shot also captures your side profiles perfectly. You can even stand in 1/3rd of the frame and keep the hiking trail as a background.
  • The suitcase for hiking shot- You can click a pre-travel photograph of your bag or pack the suitcase with the essential things in your hands. 
  • Make your friends tag along with you- If somebody does tags along with you, include them in a picture with both of you turning your backs from the camera and raising your hands in full fun mode. It makes for a fantastic concept.
  • Look into a far distance- For example, you could click this right at the top of your hiking trail and turn your backs to the camera while you stare far into the majestic view from the top. You can even hold a prop like a scarf or a hat to show your ecstatic mood.
  • A food-devouring shot- If you packed some lunch for the hike, capture this moment. Take a photo of you eating the food, such as biting on the sandwich or fruit. Include a personal touch in the photograph.
  • Shine in the light-If you get lucky, you could lick a photograph in the dusky light for a sun-kissed picture for the instafeed. Get all that sun-kissed pictures here with the perfect lighting.
  • Capture the landscape-With a tinier version of you in the picture, capture the large landscape around you. This shot is an obvious but very crucial one.
  • Accentuate the hiking trail- Imagine you’re walking upwards when you notice a pretty flower or a plant that you have to capture at all costs. Please focus on the object you’re trying to capture and blur the surroundings to make it a perfect shot.
  • A view from the top- Now that you have reached the top, take the view’s picture. Include yourself with your back or front from the top of the hiking trail. You can be sitting here as well.
  • The natural walk moment- Tell somebody to capture from behind while you walk on the trail. Walk photos make amazing shots with an excellent composition in which the background is clicked.

Hiking poses for Instagram – Men

  • Walk the trail– Men can make great poses while walking and looking sideways along the course for a crazy good photograph.
  • Lean against the tree– Leaning poses are known to be professional poses that models often make. Now imagine imitating the same pose in beautiful nature. What a lovely shot that would make.
  • Jacket over shoulder pose– Holding a coat over one’s shoulder is yet another pose men can make, and you can keep your camera gear in hand while you make this pose in the middle of the hiking trail or at the top.
  • The hands in hair pose– This pose may make you look intimidating, but that’s the whole purpose. Imagine a beautiful sunset and flora as a background with you rummaging your hands through your hair—what a relaxed pose and composition.

Hiking poses for Instagram – Women

  • Take a beautiful silhouette accentuating your curves with a sunset in the background. Imagine what a lovely shot it would make for you to capture.
  • Tilt your head and hair to one side and take a passport size photograph with the beautiful green landscape around you.
  • Take candid’s while your model smells the flowers, looks at the trees, leans on the trees, etc. Candids are the best pose for any photograph.
  • Walk the trail upwards while somebody clicks you from the front. This pose has a similarity but a great pose nevertheless.
  • Capture yourself while you do something natural such as smelling a flower or hiding behind a tall tree.
  • Tug on your hat and close your eyes for a passport size photograph that you should click in landscape mode, taking in all the nature in the background.

Hiking poses for Instagram – Couples

  • Couple poses are the most straightforward task ever. Make for some couple shots such as holding hands with your back to the camera and the tall trees in the background.
  • Kiss before the Sunset and capture the silhouette both make in the background. Such a romantic pose and photograph that would make.
  • Play hide and seek behind trees and make somebody else take the picture for you from a distance.
  • Sit at the edge of the hiking trail on the top and get the best shot. 
  • Capture both of you sitting together looking at each other with a super fantastic view in the background.


Photography is all about your creativity and how you can make the most out of your surroundings. Hike photography is a fantastic experience if you like hiking and photographing.

However, you must take care of your camera equipment and carry things you are sure you can move on those long hikes as they get tiring as you keep walking upwards.

Do not fear the whole purpose of hiking and enjoy the photo session. Also, remember to plan and aim for a sunset-filled sky when you hike. Finally, make the trail look aesthetic in your pictures and wear contrasting colors so that you stand as a separate object against the pastel colors of nature.