55+ Adventure Elopement Ideas for Nature Lovers and Thrill-Seekers

Adventure Elopement Ideas
An outdoor adventure elopement photograph

Are you looking for adventure elopement ideas to celebrate your love in a unique and adventurous way? Awesome!

In this article, I’ve gathered some of the most exciting and memorable adventure elopement ideas for you to consider.

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As the popularity of elopements continues to grow, many couples are choosing to forego traditional wedding ceremonies and opt for an intimate and unforgettable experience in the great outdoors.

Whether you or your client is dreaming of saying ‘I do’ on a mountaintop or exchanging vows on a remote beach, I’ve got you covered with the top adventure elopement ideas.

So, let’s dive in and explore the possibilities!

35 Location Ideas: Best Destinations for Your Adventure Elopement Shoot

Finding the perfect location for your adventure elopement shoot can be just as important as choosing the right photographer.

Whether you’re after a serene and intimate atmosphere or an exciting adventure, the following destination ideas that I’ve handpicked will help you discover your dream elopement location.

Adventure Elopement Ideas at Mountain Destinations

Mountain destinations offer scenic vistas, rugged terrain, and a sense of adventure that’s hard to match.

Here are my top mountain destination ideas picks for your adventure elopement shoot location.

1.      Sunrise or Sunset Hike Elopement

Start your special day with an awe-inspiring hike to catch the breathtaking sunrise or sunset views from a mountaintop.

Exchange vows surrounded by nature’s splendor and create unforgettable memories in the golden light of dawn or dusk.

2.      Mountain Summit Elopement

Mountain Summit Elopement
Adventure elopement photo on a mountain summit

Take your love to new heights by eloping on a majestic mountain summit.

With sweeping panoramas and crisp alpine air, this adventurous setting is perfect for adventurous couples who crave breathtaking vistas and a sense of accomplishment.

3.      Hot Air Balloon Elopement

Elopement photography with hot air balloons background
An elopement photograph with hot-air balloons background

Capture the breathtaking moments of the elopement wedding between hot-air balloons.

Or, embark on a romantic hot-air balloon ride and exchange vows while floating above stunning landscapes.

This unique and thrilling experience offers panoramic views and an unforgettable way to say “I do” in the sky.

4.      Alpine Lake Elopement

Elopement photography near an alpine lake
Elopement photography moment at an alpine lake

Say your vows by the tranquil shores of an alpine lake, surrounded by towering peaks and shimmering waters.

This serene and picturesque setting offers a serene backdrop for an intimate elopement ceremony.

5.      Glacier Elopement

Tie the knot amidst the icy wonders of a glacier, with stunning ice formations and sparkling blue hues as your backdrop.

It’s an extraordinary location that offers a sense of adventure and a one-of-a-kind setting for an elopement.

6.      Ski Resort Elopement

A couples' pre-wedding moment at a ski resort
Pre-wedding photograph at a ski resort

For snow-loving couples, a ski resort elopement offers the perfect blend of adventure and romance.

Exchange vows on the slopes, with snow-capped peaks and cozy lodges as your backdrop, followed by a thrilling ski adventure together.

7.      Wildflower Field Elopement

Elopement photo at a wildflower field
A wedding elopement photo in a field of wildflowers

Immerse yourselves in a sea of colorful wildflowers and enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest.

A wildflower field elopement offers a romantic and picturesque setting, perfect for nature-loving couples seeking a serene and intimate experience.

8.      Snowy Mountain Elopement

Wedding elopement at a snowy mountain
Adventure elopement at a snowy mountain

Embrace the winter wonderland and elope amidst snow-capped peaks, glistening snowflakes, and crisp mountain air.

A snowy mountain elopement offers a magical and unique setting for an adventurous and unforgettable ceremony.

9.      Canyon Elopement

Bride and Groom Standing on Canyon Rock Cliff
A canyon elopement on a rock cliff

Get married in the heart of a majestic canyon, with towering cliffs and dramatic rock formations as your backdrop.

The grandeur and natural beauty of a canyon elopement create a stunning setting for an adventurous and awe-inspiring ceremony.

10.  Cliffside Elopement

Cliffside Elopement on mountain rock
A cliffside elopement on mountain rock

Exchange vows on the edge of a cliff, overlooking breathtaking vistas of valleys, oceans, or rugged landscapes.

A cliffside elopement offers a thrilling and awe-inspiring setting for a unique and unforgettable ceremony.

Elopement Ideas at Desert Destinations

Capture the magic of the desert and create lasting memories against its mesmerizing backdrop.

These awe-inspiring locations offer vast landscapes, stunning dunes, and dramatic rock formations for an unforgettable elopement experience.

Here are my top desert destination ideas picks for your adventure elopement shoot.

1.      Red Rocks Elopement

Couple at Red Rock Formation
Elopement couple at a red rock formation

Red rock formations create a stunning backdrop for your elopement.

The unique hues of reds and oranges provide a dramatic contrast to your wedding attire.

2.      Joshua Tree Elopement

The Joshua Tree National Park boasts stunning desert landscapes, rugged boulder formations, and enchanting Joshua Trees.

The park’s unique geology and scenery make it the perfect location for a romantic elopement in the desert.

3.      Sand Dunes Elopement

A dunes elopement photo
A dunes elopement in a desert

The sweeping curves of the dunes create a stunning backdrop for your elopement.

The peaceful atmosphere and vast open spaces provide the perfect setting for your intimate ceremony.

4.      Desert Oasis Elopement

Amidst the arid desert, an oasis represents life and hope. Exchange your vows surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil waters.

The contrast between the desert and the lush oasis will make your elopement a truly unique experience.

5.      Badlands Elopement

The rugged and barren landscape of the Badlands offers a dramatic backdrop for your elopement.

The multicolored rock formations, steep canyons, and prairie lands create a unique setting for your special day.

6.      Cactus Garden Elopement

Cactus Garden Elopement
Cactus garden elopement in a desert

Cacti provides a unique and beautiful backdrop for your elopement.

The desert’s natural beauty combined with the garden’s manicured landscape creates a stunning location for your ceremony.

7.      Petroglyphs Elopement

Petroglyphs Elopement
Elopement photograph in the ancient petroglyphs etched

The ancient petroglyphs etched into rocks offer a unique historical element to your elopement.

Choose a location with petroglyphs and exchange vows amidst these beautiful and intriguing works of art.

8.      Ghost Town Elopement

A ghost town provides a historic and intriguing setting for your elopement.

The abandoned buildings, unique artifacts, and rugged surroundings offer a distinct location for your special day.

9.      Salt Flats Elopement

A bride on a salt flats
A salt flats elopement of a bride

The vast and flat salt pans create a unique and stunning backdrop for your elopement. The serene atmosphere and wide-open spaces allow for a peaceful and intimate ceremony.

10.  Canyons and Buttes Elopement

The canyons and buttes of the desert offer a stunning and rugged backdrop for your elopement.

The unique formations and dramatic scenery make for a one-of-a-kind wedding location.

Best Elopement Ideas at Beaches

Escape to the shoreline and immortalize beautiful moments of your intimate wedding day.

From secluded coves to sandy shores, here are the best beach destination ideas for your adventure elopement.

1.      Tropical Beach Elopement

Tropical beach elopement
A wedding elopement photo next to a coconut tree on the beach

Imagine exchanging vows with your toes in the sand, surrounded by crystal clear waters and swaying palm trees.

A tropical beach elopement offers a paradise-like setting, complete with warm weather and breathtaking sunsets.

2.      Secluded Beach Elopement

Secluded Beach Elopement
A secluded beach elopement photo

For those who seek privacy and intimacy, a secluded beach elopement is a perfect choice. Choose a remote beach with no crowds or distractions.

3.      Beach Bonfire Elopement

Create a romantic and cozy atmosphere by having a beach bonfire elopement.

Toast marshmallows, watch the stars, and enjoy the warmth of the fire while surrounded by the sounds of the ocean.

4.      Cliffside Beach Elopement

Cliffside Beach Elopement
A cliffside elopement photo next to the beach

Combine the stunning views of a cliffside elopement with the beauty of a beach by having a cliffside beach elopement.

Say your vows with the ocean as a backdrop, and take in the breathtaking scenery.

5.      Beach Sunset Elopement

Beach sunset elopement photograph
Beach sunset silhouette elopement photography of on seashore

A beach sunset elopement provides the perfect romantic ambiance for your special day.

Watch the sky turn orange and pink as you exchange vows, and create unforgettable memories as the sun dips below the horizon.

6.      Boardwalk Elopement

Boardwalk elopement
Elopement photo of walking on a boardwalk

A boardwalk elopement provides a unique and fun atmosphere for your special day.

Take a stroll on the boardwalk, enjoy the amusement park, and take in the ocean views.

7.      Island Beach Elopement

Island Beach Elopement
Wedding elopement moment on an island

For a truly tropical and exotic elopement, choose an island beach destination.

Experience the laid-back island lifestyle, enjoy the local cuisine, and take in the beauty of the surrounding sea.

8.      Lighthouse Elopement

Lighthouse Elopement
An elopement couple walking beside a lighthouse

A lighthouse elopement combines the charm of a beach wedding with the historic beauty of a lighthouse.

Say your vows on the beach, and take stunning photos with the lighthouse as your backdrop.

9.      Beach Cave Elopement

Beach Cave Elopement
Elopement in a beach cave

For those seeking adventure and mystery, a beach cave elopement provides the perfect setting.

Say your vows in a secluded cave, surrounded by the sound of waves crashing against the rocks.

Cool Ideas for Elopement Photoshoots at  Forests

From towering trees to lush underbrush, forests offer a magical setting for an adventurous elopement.

Here are my top picks for forest destinations to make your elopement truly enchanting.

1.      Redwood Forest Elopement

Redwood Forest Elopement
Elopement moment at a redwood forest

Get lost in the towering ancient trees and enchanting greenery of the Redwood Forest for a mystical and magical elopement experience.

The soft light filtering through the trees and the rustling of leaves in the breeze create an ethereal setting perfect for an intimate ceremony.

2.      Waterfall Elopement

Waterfall Elopement
Adventure elopement photo next to a waterfall

For a dramatic and awe-inspiring elopement location, a forest waterfall is a way to go.

The natural beauty of the forest combined with the power and grandeur of a waterfall creates a stunning backdrop for exchanging your vows.

3.      Treehouse Elopement

For a unique and romantic elopement experience, consider exchanging your vows in a treehouse nestled in the heart of the forest.

The natural beauty of the forest and the charming whimsy of the treehouse create a dreamy and unforgettable atmosphere.

4.      Forest Glade Elopement

Forest Glade Elopement
A forest glade elopement moment

For a peaceful and serene elopement location, consider a forest glade.

The dappled sunlight filtering through the trees and the gentle rustling of leaves make for a romantic and intimate setting.

5.      Mossy Forest Elopement

Mossy Forest Elopement
Elopement into a mossy forest

The verdant beauty of a mossy forest creates a mystical and enchanting atmosphere for an elopement.

The soft green hues of the moss-covered trees and the gentle rustling of leaves make for a serene and intimate setting.

6.      National Parks Elopement

Choose from one of the many stunning national parks around the world for your elopement ceremony, like Rocky Mountain national park, etc.

From towering mountains to cascading waterfalls and pristine lakes to ancient forests, national parks offer an array of breathtaking settings for an adventurous and picturesque elopement.

17+ Seasonal Adventure Elopement Ideas

Seasonal considerations are important for planning your adventure elopement.

Embrace the season with skiing in the winter, wildflowers in the spring, beach bonfires in the summer, and fall foliage in the autumn.

So, Consider seasonal weather patterns and the availability of certain locations when planning your adventure elopement shoot.

Let’s go through adventure elopement ideas for major seasons.

Adventure Elopement Ideas for Winter

Elopement photography in the winter
An adventure elopement photograph was taken in the winter

Looking to have a winter wonderland elopement? Don’t let the cold scare you!

Winter offers stunning snowy landscapes, cozy cabins, and the possibility of skiing or snowboarding adventures.

1.      Snowshoeing in the Mountains

Snowshoeing in the mountains can be a perfect winter elopement idea for adventurous couples who love hiking.

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and take stunning photos against the snowy backdrop.

2.      Cozy Cabin Elopement

Get cozy and intimate with cabin elopement. Choose a secluded cabin in the woods, light a fire, and enjoy the winter wonderland outside your window.

3.      Skiing or Snowboarding Elopement

For thrill-seekers, a skiing or snowboarding elopement can be a unique and exhilarating way to tie the knot.

Hit the slopes with your partner and capture breathtaking photos.

4.      Ice Climbing Elopement

Take your elopement to new heights with an ice-climbing adventure. Hire a guide and climb frozen waterfalls or ice formations while exchanging vows.

5.      Northern Lights Elopement

Witness the natural beauty of the Northern Lights with a winter elopement. Plan your ceremony around the best viewing times and create an unforgettable experience.

6.      Dog-sledding Elopement

For a truly unique winter elopement experience, consider a dog-sledding adventure. Explore the snowy landscape and exchange vows surrounded by playful and loving pups.

Uncommon Elopement Ideas for Summer

Kayaking elopement in the Summer
A kayaking elopement photograph was taken in the Summer

Summer is the perfect season for adventure elopements.

Warm temperatures and long daylight hours provide endless possibilities, including hiking in the mountains, kayaking, camping, beach elopements, and more.

1.      Beach Elopement

Summer is the perfect season for beach elopement.

Whether it’s a tropical paradise or a secluded cove, exchanging vows with the ocean as your backdrop is sure to be a memorable experience.

2.      Hiking Elopement

Take in the natural beauty of the season with a hike to your elopement location.

From a mountain peak to a hidden waterfall, the journey together will make your special day even more meaningful.

3.      Kayaking or Canoeing Elopement

Get out on the water and say your vows with a scenic paddle as your backdrop. This can be a romantic and intimate way to tie the knot.

4.      Hot Air Balloon Elopement

For a truly unforgettable experience, consider a hot air balloon elopement in summer.

Soaring above the landscape as you exchange vows will create a breathtaking memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Adventure Elopement Ideas for Fall

The elopement photo was taken in the autumn
An elopement photo was taken in the autumn

As the leaves change color, fall creates a beautiful backdrop for your adventure elopement.

Here are some ideas for an unforgettable fall elopement.

1.      Apple Orchard Elopement

Say “I do” amidst rows of blooming apple trees, with sweet, crisp scents and vibrant colors all around you.

Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views, and take some romantic photos while you’re there.

2.      Foliage Elopement

Celebrate your love surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of autumn leaves.

Whether it’s a forest, a park, or a mountainside, the colorful foliage will create a stunning backdrop for your intimate wedding ceremony.

3.      Pumpkin Patch Elopement

Get in the fall spirit with a cozy and intimate elopement at a pumpkin patch.

Pick out your perfect pumpkins, sip on warm apple cider, and enjoy the rustic charm of the farm.

4.      Harvest Festival Elopement

Harvest Festival Elopement in the Autumn
A harvest festival elopement photo was taken in the Autumn

Embrace the autumnal charm of a harvest festival for your elopement.

With pumpkins, hayrides, and festive decorations, you’ll have a fun and laid-back celebration of your love.

5.      Vineyard Elopement

Sip on delicious wines while you say your vows at a scenic vineyard.

The stunning views of the grape vines, mountains, and valleys will create a romantic and unforgettable setting for your special day.

6.      Corn Maze Elopement

Get lost in love in a fun and unique way with a corn maze elopement. Explore the twists and turns of the maze together, and say “I do” in a charming, rustic setting.

Adventure Elopement Ideas for Spring

Cherry Blossom Elopement
A cherry blossom elopement photo was taken in the Spring

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, making it a perfect time for an adventurous elopement.

With mild temperatures and blooming flowers, there are plenty of options for a memorable springtime ceremony.

From wildflower meadows to rushing waterfalls, here are some ideas for an unforgettable spring elopement.

1.      Wildflower Elopement

A wildflower elopement offers a stunning backdrop of colorful blooms in nature.

Choose a wildflower field or a garden to exchange vows surrounded by the beauty of spring.

2.      Cherry Blossom Elopement

A cherry blossom elopement takes place amidst the stunning pink and white blooms of cherry trees.

The beauty of these blossoms creates an enchanting atmosphere for a memorable ceremony.

3.      Garden Elopement

Elopement photograph in the summer
An elopement photo was taken in a garden

A garden elopement is a serene and peaceful way to celebrate love surrounded by blooming flowers and foliage.

Choose from a variety of botanical gardens for a picture-perfect elopement.

4.      Beach Elopement

A beach elopement is perfect for those who love the sea and sand.

The combination of beach waves and the fresh sea breeze creates a relaxed and romantic ambiance for a memorable elopement.

5.      Meadow Elopement

Meadow Elopement
Meadow elopement on a green grass field

A meadow elopement is an intimate and serene way to celebrate your love.

Choose a wildflower meadow or a green field to exchange vows and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

6.      Mountain Biking Elopement

A mountain biking elopement offers a unique and adventurous way to exchange vows.

Take a thrilling ride through the mountains and enjoy the stunning views while celebrating your love.

Activity Ideas for Your Adventure Elopement Shoot

A man carrying his bride on their elopement shoot
A groom carries his bride

Including adventurous activities in your elopement shoot can add an exciting and personal touch to your special day.

Consider hiking to a scenic overlook, kayaking in a serene lake, or rock climbing in a breathtaking canyon for a thrilling and intimate elopement.

Adventure elopement hiking trails and rock climbing elopement photography are popular options for couples seeking to incorporate their passion for the outdoors into their wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box to make your elopement truly one-of-a-kind.

Best Photography Tips for Adventurous Elopement Photoshoots

The right lighting, composition, and timing can make all the difference in creating stunning and memorable elopement photos.

The following tips and tricks will help you for capturing the perfect adventure elopement shots.

  • Scout the location ahead of time and plan your shots.
  • Use natural light to your advantage, such as during golden hour.
  • Look for unique angles and perspectives to add interest to your photos.
  • Incorporate the surroundings into your shots, such as mountains or waterfalls.
  • Experiment with different compositions, such as using leading lines to draw the eye.
  • Capture candid moments and emotions, not just posed shots.
  • Use a variety of lenses to create different effects and focal points.
  • Be prepared for the weather and any challenges that may arise during the shoot.
  • Edit your photos to enhance their quality and bring out their full potential.
  • Have fun and be adventurous!


Adventure elopements offer a unique and unforgettable way to tie the knot, surrounded by the beauty of nature and participating in thrilling activities.

In this article, I’ve shared various adventure elopement ideas that can be tailored to any season, along with destination suggestions to help inspire your planning process.

Whether you’re into hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing, there are endless possibilities for your elopement. By embracing the adventurous spirit, couples can create meaningful and personalized experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime.

From the stunning mountains of Banff National Park to the rugged coastline of Big Sur, there are adventure elopement destination ideas that will match your style and preferences.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding day as extraordinary as your love story, consider an adventure elopement. You won’t regret it.