How to Charge for Product Photography? (with Average Price)

how much to charge for product photography
Choosing product photographs

Reports indicate that three-quarters of customers are driven by great product images. Thus, as technology takes over in every sector, every brand ensures that attractive and unique images accompany its online presence.

As a result, most people have shifted into this hot career, but unfortunately not quite sure how much to charge for their services.

Generally, photography sector pricing is mostly tagged to the photographer’s brand and worth. However, as a beginner, you are still growing your brand and are still not ready to make losses at this early stage.

What’s the solution? 

Follow this guide to get tips on how much to charge for product photography and how to charge your product services and stay at the top of the market.

How are product photography services charged?

Photographers are taking photos of products
Product photography as a service

Setting the pricing standards in the photography sector is quite a controversial topic. Nonetheless, it is a factor that you should get right if you have to remain the top cream in this competitive and dynamic industry.

As a result, different brands have different charges, which is suggested after evaluating several factors. In a short while, we will be looking at these dynamics.

  1. Type of product photography
  2. Number of products
  3. Total hours or days
  4. Product weight
  5. Product size
  6. Number of objects
  7. Product Styling
  8. Photographers’ experience or brands worth

1. Type of product photography

Generally, product photography is categorized into two, e-commerce product photos and lifestyle product photos. Both categories have different prices.

E-commerce product photography pricing

This category is also named amazon product photography. As the leading e-commerce platform, Amazon has set a wide range of rules that govern every photographer when taking images of commercial products.

A photographer is taking an e-commerce product photograph
A photographer is taking an e-commerce jewelry photograph

Due to the technicality needed in this sector, the standard prices are quite high and may vary depending on the product.

According to the Elite studios, a single photo costs $35 each, 2-5 photos go for $30 each, while 6-10 photos cost $27 each.

Lifestyle product photography pricing

Lifestyle images refer to photos of products being used or else in action. For instance, an advert image of worn shoes or an image of a vehicle in motion. Their costs depend on the scenes required, people, and devices.

A lady is wearing a shoes as a life style photo pose
A lifestyle product photograph of shoes

Consequently, you should charge standard fees for the task and additional fees for the models needed, creating the scene, and paying for the rented props or any other extra equipment you may require.

Thus, summing up the standard photography rates, additional charges, and production charges, it would be fair to set your price range around $ 2 000 to $5 000 per day for lifestyle product photography.

2. Number of products

Charging photography services according to the total number of photos is the most recommendable technique for beginners because they can easily explain their work to avoid undercharging.

Additionally, when counting the total photo collection, you shouldn’t forget to add the editing costs.

Standardly, most beginners charge $10 to $25.

3. Total hours or days

Another factor you may use to derive your photography pricing chart is the total number of hours or days spent to complete the project. This technique is quite suitable for big-sized projects.

Beginners and hobbyists charge less than $50, while the same task may be charged approximately $150 by professionals. Ideally, these prices are a matter of perception of what you think you honestly deserve.

4. Product weight

Some of the products may require adjustment of the position to different angles, and besides, you may be needed to carry the product to different scenes. Thus, you would also regard the weight of the product.

As you can easily tell, the prices increase in an increase of the product weight.

Typically, most photographers do not add weight costs for products below 20lbs and charge 20 – 30pounds for weights ranging from 30 to 50lbs.

5. Product size

Product size is different from the product weight. Primarily, the product size increases the surface area to be covered, while product weight increases the efforts needed to carry out the task successfully.

Products less than 3 feet shouldn’t be added to this cost while increasing the standard rates by 20 to 50 pounds for every product over 6 feet.

6. Number of objects

Most clients go for group images to avoid the extra cost when charging per product. However, this has a negative effect on the photographer because they have to increase their area of coverage and deploy extra tactics to ensure that they deliver a good image

My point is you should charge group photos higher compared to single product photos.

7. Product Styling

Some products, especially lifestyle product photographs, require prior styling and preparation. If you have to do these stylings and take the photos, you must also charge them.

8. Photographers’ experience or brands worth

This is quite significantly considered when charging for photos. Basically, experienced professionals are perceived to have better skills, resultantly increasing their worth.

For instance, as amateurs charge $50 to $100 per hour, experienced photographers may charge over $120 per hour.

What should I charge as a beginner photographer?

It is hard to create a price list for beginners because they do not have experience, hence difficult to determine their flat price tag.

Basically, at this time, you are focused on creating your brand and improving your skills. Nonetheless, you have bills to pay and need to have your services paid for.

The first thing is to ensure set a value that you think is equivalent to the energy spent on the task.

Secondly, charge for every additional cost such as styling expenses and um them with the flat price to get the perfect price to start your career.

Per Hour ChargePer Image Charge
Most beginnersup to $50$10-$25
Photography students with little experience $50 to $100 $25 to $100
Hobbyists and photographers up to $50$10 to $20
Table of standard charges for beginners

Product photography package prices for beginners

On the other hand, you may consider setting your prices according to the type of photography package.

Let us look at some of the common photography packages and their pricing.

For Beginning Portrait Photographers

Portrait photos cost $150 to $5000 for every portrait session.

For Wedding Photographers

There are several things to evaluate the cost of wedding photos. For instance, how many guests are invited? Is it a whole-day or half-day event?

Averagely, wedding photography packages cost approximately $1,500 to $3 500. However, beginners trying to build their portfolios may charge as low as $3,000 to approximately $5 00.

Ecommerce Product Photography Pricing

eCommerce product photography costs approximately $35 to $170 per image.

Custom Product Photography Pricing

Custom photography pricing I usually affected by several additional costs such as styling costs and may require extra equipment. Thus, you should add the additional cost to get the final value besides the standard market price.

This package usually goes for $30 to $200 per image.

Event Photography

Small events are charged differently from big events such as weddings and corporate events.

Majorly, event photographers charge $150 to $200per hour.  Small events such as birthdays would cost approximately $300 -$500 while corporate events would go for $200 to $600 per hour

Family Photoshoots

While charging this package, you should consider the total member of the family and the location. For big-sized families, you should charge more, which is similar if you will be shooting in several locations.

Typically, this package should go for $145 for a half an hour session.

Pet Photography

Pet photography is mostly charged per hour and may include up to two people.

Mostly this package goes for $150 per hour.

Final words

Intuitively, we all know that good product photographs do not come by only holding the camera. Even if you are a beginner, you have spent several hours practicing this skill o match the market demands.

Nonetheless, it isn’t easy to determine the price ranges for product photography as a beginner. The prices are determined by a matter of perception of what you think you are worth.

However, that would be dangerous to beginners, for you cannot charge the same as the brand that has been in existence for over four years and already has its roots in the market.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed all the factors to consider when setting product photography prices and suggested costs for different product photography packages.

Now you should be clear about how much you need to ask to keep thriving in this dynamic and competitive sector.