Best Camera Straps for Hiking and Backpacking: The Complete Guide

Best Camera Straps for Hiking and Backpacking.

Are you looking for the most versatile strap for your camera? Do not worry because I have established a complete guide that you can follow to decide on the best camera strap.

In the article below, I talk about the types of camera straps available in the market. In addition, I have also written a detailed review of some brands of camera straps I have used so far. So let’s get on with the business. 

Types of Camera Straps

Camera straps come in four varieties that a person can purchase, essentially for holding purposes.

  1. Neck strap
  2. Wrist strap
  3. Sling strap
  4. Waist strap

However, one must buy a strap according to the camera; for example, you will get a neck strap with its kit for a DSLR.

Backpacker with a camera hanging with a neck strap
A backpacker holding a camera with a neck strap

One would purchase a wrist strap for a small-sized digital camera. At the same time, you can buy a sling strap for a professional camera.

Some people also like to buy a waist camera strap or holster, which is also known as a chest harness strap.

All of the camera straps are sturdy and durable since the composition of nylon, leather, and plastic is used to make these straps. However, these straps are not breathable and may cause itching when the load gets too heavy.

Best Camera Straps for Hiking and Backpacking

Camera straps are pretty crucial for security and protection from damage. Even if hiking is not the primary purpose, preventing your camera from tumbling down and breaking is vital. Therefore, consider purchasing a strap that holds the camera all day long without risking its safety.

  1. Coiro Dual Camera Leather Camera Harness

For $94.25, it is pretty expensive for a camera strap. But people who use two cameras at once may see this harness as a plus point.

The Coira Leather harness fits like a vest to keep the camera sturdy around the body and comes with additional clasps for easy adjustment at all times.

The harness comes with clips that hold the camera close to one’s body. So even if one out of the two clasps unhooks, the camera is still protected.

As a result, the harness is known as one of the most comfortable and helpful strap pieces, especially for adrenaline-filled activities such as hiking and backpacking.

The strap is multifunctional, especially for hyper activities like backpacking.Unbreathable since leather is a primary component.

It is expensive.
Pros and cons of Coiro Dual Camera Leather Camera Harness
  1. The Art Tribute Store Vibrant Design Neck Strap for Cameras
A woman holding a camera with an Art Tribute camera strap
A girl holding a camera hanging on an Art Tribute camera strap

Art tribute store came up with an artistic strap as a breathable neck strap with a quick-release button. The material used for this strap is cotton of premium quality, making it breathable for use. In addition, it is stretchable, i.e., from 33” to 61”.

Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm are a few compatible DSLRs, even though they cost $16.95.

Cotton is used as primary material making it desirable for sweat-filled hiking or backpacking.
Cost friendly.

They are compatible with DSLRs
They are not desirable for action cameras.
Pros and cons of an Art Tribute Neck Strap for cameras
  1. Spider Holster – SpiderPro Single Camera System v2

Spider Holsters are like intimating art back into life and popular straps people have been using for a long time.

The holster removes all the weight on your neck, shoulder, or back and removes any muscle pain or fatigue.

In addition, you can adjust the belt according to the size desired, which has a two-position system and a self-lock design making it the most accessible and protective system.

Its cost is $142.

Holster supports the camera without damaging the body parts.

Adjustable belt.

Self-lock system.
Holster can carry DSLRs and heavy geared items but does not support mirrorless cameras.
It is costly.
Pros and cons of Spider Holster – SpiderPro Single Camera System v2
  1. Nicama Dual Camera Strap Multi Carrier Chest Harness Vest

Nicama created a strap that can hold up to 2 cameras at one time. In addition, there is a one-year warranty, a secure lock system, and a shutter release button.

In addition, a backup strap comes with the original product, which is made similarly with nylon. This chest harness is one of the comfiest harnesses for hiking and can hold any camera for only $46.

Comfortable harness for hiking.

Guaranteed warranty for a year.

Very reasonable pricing.
Using two cameras simultaneously may strain body parts and cause damage.
Pros and cons of Nicama Dual Camera Strap Multi Carrier Chest Harness Vest
  1. Blackrapid Curve Camera sling strap

With the price of $77.95, you can go for this crossbody strap. It helps to keep the camera safely tucked around the waist and comes with moisture-filled shoulder pads.

Sling has a secondary strap as well that connects under the arm for a firm position. A customer might also receive a bumper lock that can secure the camera to prevent damage.

Suitable for any camera, light or heavy.

Straps have a secondary attachment for better bondage and security for the camera.
There are no mentionable demerits of the camera.
Pros and cons of Blackrapid Curve Camera sling strap
  1. Peak Design Clutch CL – 2 Hand strap

This camera strap fits around your hands as a handgrip and is excellent for any camera. The flexibility you get with this camera strap is unmatched and very convenient. Moreover, with a solid grip, the camera’s control button gets accessible.

They also provide a quick-release with the strap, which can be attached to other types of belts from the same company, like the Peak design Neck strap.

On the contrary, clutch CL costs around  $39.95.

An advantage of such products is that it provides movement and freedom in the usage of the camera.
Pricing is very reasonable, so anybody can buy.

Such straps are suitable for all DSLRs, especially those with heavy bodies and batteries
You might get tired of holding the camera and may add extra baggage during activities like hiking or backpacking.
Pros and cons of Peak Design Clutch CL – 2 Hand strap
  1. Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

Peak Design camera straps are very versatile in their usage. They function as a shoulder strap when you need to keep the camera strung on your shoulders and pose as a great neck strap or a crossbody strap to divide weight equally.

The material used to make this camera strap is nylon, deemed as a non-breathable item. However, a quick-release button option is available, which is relatively easy to use.

The price of the Slide Lite camera strap is $49.75. 

Such straps work best for a mirrorless cameras and even light weighted DSLRs. 

Cheap pricing compared to other products.
The main disadvantage of the Slide Lite strap has to be the inability to lift heavily weighted cameras.
Pros and cons of Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap


The whole motive of a camera strap is to work hand-free, especially during strenuous activities like backpacking or hiking.

For example, you need to have free hands while climbing a mountain with the camera in extreme proximity for easy access. As a result, camera straps come in handy during such situations, and purchasing them becomes a necessary tool for the camera gear.

Imagine a rocky mountain climb! It makes sense to carry the camera and all the other supporting tools like extra lenses etc., with easier access than having to fetch the camera from one’s bag all the time. Thus, choose carefully, considering every option wisely.